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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Keypad lock for your BlackBerry

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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Keypad lock for your BlackBerry

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Brian Tong shows you how to set-up your BlackBerry so you can keypad lock it with the press of a button.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> What's up guys I'm Brian Tong for cnet.com and we've got a Quick Tip for your BlackBerry phone. Now today we're going to show you how to set your BlackBerry to lock the keypad with the press of just one button. Now there are plenty of users who are tired of going through the menus and selecting the keyboard lock icon before they throw their phone in their pocket or bags. Well, there's always an easier way to do things. So on the left hand side of the BlackBerry they have what's called the convenience key and its fully configurable. We're using a BlackBerry 8800 for this example but you can do this with the Curve and Pearl series as well. So let's jump into the phone and at the Home screen hit the menu button so it reveals all the icons and applications. You'll want to select the wrench icon which are the phone's options and you'll see a long list of settings to tweak, so we want to select the screen keyboard option. From that list, find the convenience key opens and by default it's set to voice dialing but that's what we'll want to change. So select and you'll see a list of applications and functions. Select keyboard lock and when you're done you're going to want to save your changes. Now let's check it out, we have our phone here and we hit the convenience key and voila now your keyboard is locked with the press of one button. I'm Brian Tong for cnet.com making life easier for you with another Quick Tip for the day. ^M00:01:14 [ Music ] ^M00:01:16

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