Tech Industry: Quick Tips: Fix broken icons in Firefox bookmarks
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Tech Industry: Quick Tips: Fix broken icons in Firefox bookmarks

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When icons from the wrong sites show up next to bookmarks, here's how to fix it.

Hed: Fix broken icons in Firefox bookmarks Dek: When icons from the wrong site show up next to bookmarks, here's how to fix it. QUICK TIPS: TITLE INT: Location SCRN:Wrong icon ? Twitter - RedBallMarketing SCRN: Wrong icon Last.FM Offline SCRN: folders shown as thrill ride SCRN: open bookmarks folder SCRN: zoom in and find the Toolbar (highlight) ? scroll to CNET Intranet (highlight) ? Highlight ICON ? Hghlight text after ICON ? delete ? save and close. SCRN: launc browser ? zoom to bookmark - -click bookmark to reset icon. Does this ever happen to you (SCREAM) That's right. It's a link to RedBall Market Research but it has the Twitter logo by it. How about this Monstrosity! (SCREAM) That's right it's the CNET Intranet but the Last.FM logo is next to it. Here's how to fix improper icons that for one reason or another may show up in the Firefox browser. First you need to find the bookmarks.html folder for your Firefox. In Windows XP for me it's on a torturous thrill ride through the following folders. Documents and Settings ? username ? ApplicationData ? Mozilla ? Firefox ? Profiles ? a gobbledygook folder Weeee! Make sure your browser is not running, then open up the bookmarks.html folder in your favorite text editor. My problems are in the Toolbar folder, so I find that section of the bookmarks. There! CNET Intranet. That's the entry I'm a-hunting. See all this text after the term ICON. Thats the offending icon. Highlight everything between the quotes delete it. Now save the bookmarks document. When you relaunch the browser the offending icon is gone! To restore the proper icon, just click on the bookmark. The site should add it right back. Hope that helps you keep your icons tidy. . I'm Tom Merritt for

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