Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Extend iPod battery life
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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Extend iPod battery life

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Use disk defrag so your iPod doesn't work so hard.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> If you've had your iPodfor a while, it's probably slow in the battery life is probably short. One contributing factor is a fragmented hard drive; I'm Tom Merritt from CNET.com. Here's a quick tip on using defrag to speed up your iPod and extend the battery life. Now first let me explain defragmenting, let's say all these action figures are data, bad sector, and my hand is the read arm of a hard drive. If all the data is right here together it's easy for me to grab it, but as you add and delete data, it gets scattered all over the hard drive; that means my hand has to keep moving back and forth to grab the data. When the data is fragmented like that it uses up more energy and slows down operations, and now on your hard drive-based iPod you can reorganize all the data into an energy efficient clump. For that you will need a defragmenting program and you can use any defragmenting program, Mac users I know prefer disk warrior, for PC I'm going to use the one included in Windows. Go to the start menu, programs, accessories, system tools and launched disk defragmenter. Highlight your iPod's drive letter, press the defragment[sp?] button and let her rip. Now if your iPod doesn't show up as a drive, make sure enabled disk use is checked in iTunes. And one final warning, all that defragmenting can heat up your hard drive in your iPod and that's not good in the long run, so don't defrag it all the time. That's it for this great tip, I'm Tom Merritt for CNET.com, peace and long battery life. Wrong show. ^M00:01:41 [ Music ]

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