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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Essential BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts

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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Essential BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts

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Use these basic keyboard shortcuts for faster e-mailing, typing, and navigation, and get more out of your CrackBerry.

Hi, I'm Molly Wood from CNET.com with a Quick Tip on some essential BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts. Just like Windows or the Mac, the right combination of keystrokes can make your life a lot easier and more efficient. The following tips work on BlackBerry models with the full keyboard, such as the Curve, but not on the phones with compressed keyboards, such as the Pearl. OK, let's get started. First, some e-mail shortcuts--since I bet you do a lot of e-mailing on your phone. If you're looking at your e-mail and need to write a new one, just press "C." If you want to reply to an e-mail, press "R," or press "L" to reply-all. The "F" key will forward your e-mail. When you're in an open e-mail, press the "N" key to open the next e-mail in the list. To navigate more quickly through e-mail or any other page or document, the Space bar works like a handy page-down key. And you can page back up by pressing the Shift key plus the spacebar. If you want to go to the top of a page, press "T," and to go to the bottom, press "B." Here's a quick way to switch between the applications you have open on your BlackBerry. Just press Alt plus the Escape key. Then, you can let go of Escape and use your track wheel to switch between applications. When you find the one you want, let go of Alt. And here are a few typing tips. Press the Space bar twice to insert a period and start a new sentence with a capital letter. Press Alt and then Shift for number lock, and the right shift key plus Alt produces caps lock. And finally, instead of Shift plus a letter to capitalize it, just hold down the letter key. Now you're using your CrackBerry like a pro. Well, maybe a semi- pro. Check CNETTV.com for our advanced keyboard shortcuts Quick Tip to really step up your game. In the meantime, I'm Molly Wood, and you're welcome.

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