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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Easier iPhone music management
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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Easier iPhone music management

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Here's a work-around to let you drag and drop songs onto the iPhone.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> One difference between the iPhone and iPod is that it's not easy to use the iPhone like a hard drive. There's no drag and drop management of music. I'm Tom Merritt from, here's a quick tip for manually managing iPhone music. I want to thank Nick in Tucson, Arizona who phoned this tip into CNET's Buzz Out Loud pod cast. Start in iTunes by creating a play list called iPhone. Drag songs into the iPhone play list that you want to have over there. This could include pod casts and even videos. Now go to the iPhone screen and choose the music tab. Change the sync music selection to selected play lists and choose the new iPhone play list you created. Then sync the iPhone. Now when you go into the iPod section of the iPhone, you'll find all the songs and videos from the iPhone play list in all the normal categories like album, artist, etcetera. You can find more great iPhone tips at I'm Tom Merritt. Thanks for watching. ^M00:01:02 [ Music ]

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