Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Boot your computer from a CD
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Quick Tips: Quick Tips: Boot your computer from a CD

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How to tweak the PC's BIOS so your PC can boot off a CD recovery disk or other program.

[ Background Music ] >> Booting from CD is one of those computer functions that everyone kind of assumes you know how to do. I'm Tom Merritt from cnet.com and after this quick tip, you will know. Now, maybe you'll just boot from a CD. Put a bootable CD-ROM in the drive, restart the computer and see but if it doesn't work for you here's what to try next. The BIOS is the part of the PC that boots up first and figures out where the operating system is. You can usually access it by pressing a function key during boot up. Often, the proper key will actually be noted briefly on the screen right after you power up. If you cant figure it out at all, do a search or visit michaelstevenstech.com's access BIOS page. Once you're in, different BIOS's work slightly differently, but you wanna find an option for boot order. Then you'll be presented with some gobble that represents all the different parts of your machine. This is a priority list of devices from which to boot your computer. The computer checks each device in order until it finds a device that has a bootable operating system. Now, a fair warning, you can really mess up your computer mocking about in the BIOS so be very, very, very careful what you do here. Try to identify which item corresponds to your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. It should say something like CD-ROM if you're lucky and then find which item corresponds to your hard drive. It's probably gonna say something like HD01 or it might have the operating systems name. Following the on screen instructions, move the CD-ROM up the list of priority above the hard drive. If in doubt, move the CD-ROM all the way to the top then save the setting. Next time your computer boots, it will check to see if a bootable CD exists in the CD-ROM drive and boot from that. If not, it will boot from the next item you have on the list, most likely the hard drive. That's it for this Quick Tip, I'm Tom Merritt for cnet.com.

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