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Quick Tips: Quick Tip: Shortcut to shut down Windows Vista

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Quick Tips: Quick Tip: Shortcut to shut down Windows Vista

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Brian Tong shows you a quick way to shut down Windows Vista without dealing with the shutdown menu.

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf949\cocoasubrtf270 {\fonttbl\f0\fmodern\fcharset0 CourierNewPS-BoldMT;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;} \margl1440\margr1440\vieww9000\viewh8400\viewkind0 \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\ri720 \f0\b\fs20 \cf0 Are you looking for a quick way to shutdown your computer, and you don\'92t want to deal with Windows Vista menu?\ \ I'm Brian Tong for CNET.com, and we\'92ll show you how to create a shortcut in Windows Vista to do just that.\ \ So first thing, just right-click on your desktop, choose "New," and then "Shortcut."\ \ A box will appear asking you what item would you like to create a shortcut for?\ \ Just enter the following command inside of that box.\ \ We\'92ll type in Shutdown-dot-E-X-E, space, hyphen-S, space, hyphen-T, space, zero, zero.\ \ Click "Next" to continue, and then you can name the shortcut whatever you want.\ \ We\'92ll call it, "SHUTDOWN" in all caps.\ \ It appears on your desktop, and from now on when you want to shut down your computer, just click on it. You can also drag it to the quick launch bar if you want it there.\ \ You can also replace the letter "S" in the command that I told you with the letter "R" to make it a shortcut to restart your computer.\ \ So there you go. I\'92m Brian Tong with CNET.com, with a Quick Tip on shutting down Windows Vista.\ }

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