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CES 2012: Put your infant in the cloud: Withings rolls out Web-connected baby scale
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CES 2012: Put your infant in the cloud: Withings rolls out Web-connected baby scale

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French tech company Withings showed off an Internet-connected baby scale at CES that goes on sale in a few months.

Speaker 1:I'm Paul Sloan with CNET. We're here at CES Unveiled and we're gonna look at this scale to weigh babies called... Speaker 2: Yes, it's Smart Baby scale by Withings. Speaker 1: Okay, tell me about this product. When my child was born I brought her to the... to the supermarket. We put her on the scale. Speaker 2: Yeah so what... we're presenting it for the very first time and we're very proud to introduce the Smart Baby scale. So it's basically... a baby scale. Let me show... it looks like a very regular baby scale which is a basket. I'll just, you know, start it here for you and it's weighing my baby. So, so far so good. Very simple to operate. I can even update the height of the child. So by just sliding it here, let me show you how. So you get now the weight, 10 grams (precision?) and let me update now the... by just sliding it a few centimeter inch to the baby, all these information is now recorded and it's transmitting it real time via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it's wireless, directly to the child profile and so I just see here, I get an iPhone. It's the same with an iPhone Android or any internet connected computer, so real time, pushing the information. So I did not have to tell, you know, on beforehand any kind of publication and you get the measurement here. It starts directly the application and you get an update graphs of the weight... Speaker 1: Okay, I understand the advantage over a regular scale is you can keep track of the weight and maybe see how your baby has grown over time and have some records right? Speaker 2: Yeah it keeps track but... also maybe understand. You get the measurement but it compare it with recommended value for this exact age. So you get more information. Speaker 1: I see this is not in the American system. When is it available here and how much does it cost? Speaker 2: Yeah it's very first time. So it will be in Q2 2012 in pounds, displaying pounds and it will retail for around $150. Speaker 1: ...And where can people buy it? Speaker 2: I hope you will be able to buy it in a lot of retails... Our product already sold in Apple Store, at BestBuy for the former product. So let me show... so just that it's both product in one. It's a baby scale, but you can remove the baby basket and it turns into a (taller?) scale. Speaker 1: So... when the baby grows up... Speaker 2: Yeah you get the second product, you know, just within. It's very simple because I just remove the scale, your baby basket, and you'll know... it display the screen upside down because it's just a standing scale now for the kids. Speaker 1: Right. Speaker 2: ...And all the information obviously keeps recording and graphing on the same profile. Speaker 1: Okay, sounds great. Thank you so much. Speaker 2: Oh thank you very much.

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