Gaming: PS3 Tips
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Gaming: PS3 Tips

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Veronica Belmont shows you how to get the most out of your new Sony PlayStation 3, including how to watch flash videos and use a Bluetooth headset.

[ music ] ^M00:00:10 [ background music ] >> Die, haha. Oh. So you actually got your hands on a PS3 this holiday season. I bet you'll probably spend so much time playing the games that maybe you haven't taken a closer look at what this little bugger can do. I'm Veronica Belmont from, and on today's Insider Secret I'm going to show you a few ways to enhance your PS3 experience. ^M00:00:28 [ music ] ^M00:00:30 If you've got one of the twenty gigabyte versions like this one here, you don't have all the bells and whistles that the more expensive unit has. But don't feel so sorry for yourself, cause I certainly don't. First off we know that the PS3 shows absolutely amazing video from games and Blueray discs. The graphics are so good it's easy to get totally immersed in the game. Unfortunately, neither version of the PS3 ships with a HTMI cable, which really is the best way to get HD quality out of your console and onto your TV. If you want to get one of your own, be forewarned that the cables can get pretty expensive if you're going for a name brand. You shouldn't feel too bad though using a no-name cable for as little as twenty five dollars or less. But just so you know, you can still get really great quality by just using the component cable from your old PS2, which is probably off in a corner gathering dust somewhere. [ music ] ^M00:01:17 Everyone knows you can go online and play live on the Playstation network, there's also a pretty nifty web browser built right into the PS3. If you want to make it really easy and not have to use the controller to navigate, you can hook up a USB mouse or a keyboard, like this one. Keep in mind that the browser on the PS3 can play Flash video, so you can watch CNET TV on there with no problem, hint hint. I guess you could also watch You Tube, like right here, Google Video, and all those other Flash-based video sites as well. [ music ] ^M00:01:45 I mentioned playing online earlier. And if you really want to get the full experience, you're going to want a headset to strategize with your teammates, or harass your enemies. Since unit comes with Bluetooth built in, you can pair any cell phone style headset to the console. All you have to do is go to settings, and then down to accessory settings, and register Bluetooth device. There you see headset, microphone, or headphones. Then it will start scanning for any Bluetooth devices in the area. As a side note, there's no Wi-Fi built in, so you might want to get an Ethernet bridge, or a powerline HD adapter like this one if Wi-Fi's something you want to use. [ music ] ^M00:02:23 And finally if you have the twenty gigabyte model but want more storage capacity, you can actually replace the hard disc drive with any standard two point five inch laptop drive. You can find the hatch for that right under here. You can tell because it says HDD in big letters. But I'm pretty happy with the one I got. That's it for this Insider Secrets. I'm Veronica Belmont, thanks for watch. I'm gonna go play some more Dark Kingdom. Go. ^M00:02:47 [ music ]

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