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CNET News Video: Project Spark: Xbox One

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CNET News Video: Project Spark: Xbox One

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Part god-sim, part game-creation tool, Project Spark appears to be one of the most original games in years.

-We share our common passion; to put the ability to create in the hands of everyone and culmination of our work is Project Spark. I'm proud to be here with one of our designers, Claude Jerome to share with you for the very first time, how you can start with nothing and bring an amazing game to life. How you can turn making a game into a game itself and how, when you are ready, you can share your game with everyone, everywhere on any screen. Claude, let show them how. -Spark, show me rivers. Make that mountain. Good. Now, let's add some texture. Show me the Arctic. Maybe woodlands. All right, now let's start the mood. Night. Evening. Day. 4:00. Perfect. -Now that's a good start. Using SmartGlass, I can go on to sculpting and really put some personal touches on this work. So let's start with putting in a mountain to define our backdrop, okay. And then we'll go in and we'll put a protective mode around here. Good. And then let's finish off with the bridge to go across and then with a touch of a button, Claude is jumping into our world. Now in just one minute, we were able to make something that looks great. Now, let's build upon that and create a simple game in our world. Step one, our home base. -So let's choose this village. I can place this anywhere I'd like. I'll put it right here and this will be our town square. -All right. Step two, let's add some behaviors. Now, everything in Project Spark has a brain that can be change. Let's bring something to life. Take this rock for instance. -We can make this rock to become a pet with something we already built. -So the brain says, when the rock detects me. It'll move towards me and jump. Pretty simple. And just like that, I've made myself a new friend. Come on little buddy, let's rock and roll. -Step three, the enemy. Now we need some bad guys to attack this village. Goblin camp. -Let's deal with these guys, Claude. Care with a sword? I think it's time for the rock to step it up. -This spider brand I got from the community of the blast, let's see what it does with this rock. Yeah, get them rock man. -Nice moves rock man. Now we gave this seed of the game idea to the team before the show to see what it could grow into. Let's check out how other creators in Project Spark can remix and build on an idea. All right, starts off familiar enough. There is our town square, that meteors too. I'm guessing there's more here. Let's go over. See what we got. An army of pissed off goblins. Nice one. All right, I'm gonna charge in to the valley below here, Claude? -I can morph the landscapes. I'll cover you from up here. -You know, I think I'm gonna need some more help to take these guys on. -All right. Hang tight. This fire ball kinda [unk] huge lava hit. That'll slow them down. -Well, anything goes in this game even flying goblins. Did it give you anything else you can use? -Funny goblins, that's nothing. It's time to bust that rock man bad ass upgrades. Rock man becomes Rock [unk]. Come on Dave, let's finish this fight. -All right.

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