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Prizefight: Prizefight: RIM BlackBerry Curve vs. T-Mobile Dash
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Prizefight: Prizefight: RIM BlackBerry Curve vs. T-Mobile Dash

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The new RIM BlackBerry Curve faces off against past winner, the T-Mobile Dash. Which phone best pairs style with function?

[ Music ] ^M00:00:08 >> Hey everyone I'm Veronica Belmont. Welcome to another episode of Prizefight. Let me tell you, I got some flack the last time a Blackberry was on Prizefight and lost, but I'm tempting fate once again by putting the latest Blackberry, the Curve up against an old favorite, the T-Mobile Dash. Let's get started with round one, Sexiness and Navigation. I think these are both pretty hot devices, especially for such business oriented phones. I like how the Dash looks better at first glance with the black on the silver here. But the Curve is a lot smaller and lighter. The scroll wheel also helps to make navigation a snap, especially after some practice. I'm giving the Curve a five and the Dash a four. Round two is next, messaging. One of the main reasons people buy phones like these are for the messaging capabilities. IM and email are very important on the fly. Luckily, both devices deliver but are stronger in different areas. The Curve has better support for corporate email. The Dash has IM support right out of the box. I'm going to give them both a big, happy five. That was easy. Round three is productivity. The whole point of having one of these phones is that you need to be productive on the go. The Curve has a nice stereo Blue Tooth profile and a decently fast edge connection. However the Dash comes out on top in this round with a WiFi connection, too so you can jump off the edge connection and onto WiFi if you come across a hot spot. Definitely a nice feature. I'm giving the Curve a three and the Dash a five. But of course, you can't stare at spreadsheets and email all day right? Multimedia is the next round. The Curve is a little ahead of the curve? It has a nice two mega pixel camera and a music player that sounds a-okay. It can also connect to AT&T?s music service and the player itself is pretty sweet, so that's a nice touch. No video recording however. The Dash has a one point three mega pixel camera and the pictures are definitely matte [ assumed spelling ]. The video quality isn't much better but at least it's there. I'm giving the Curve a four and the Dash a three. One more round left and that's call quality. The sound quality wasn't perfect on either phone but I could tell the difference. The Blackberry Curve sounded a little hollow and the person on the other end of the line had some hearing issues as well. The Dash sounded just fine to me, both on speakerphone and while up to the ear. I'm giving the Dash another four and the Curve a three. Final scores are tallied, the Curve has a twenty and the Dash has a twenty one. Once again, I shall face the wrath of Blackberry addicts. But I'm strong. Thanks to our mobile editors Ken, Bonnie and Nicole for help on this Prizefight. For comments and suggestions for future matches, email Prizefight at I'm Veronica Belmont, thanks for watching. ^M00:02:42 [ Music ]