Prizefight: Prizefight: MySpace vs. Facebook
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Prizefight: Prizefight: MySpace vs. Facebook

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It's a battle for bragging rights between the two sultans of social networking.

^B00:00:00 [ Music ] >> It's time to throw down, Prizefight fans. I'm Brian Tong, and we're here to find out who's the top dog in the battle for social networking supremacy. Do I know you? You know who? She did what? All common questions in the real world that are now taking place online. In this week's prizefight, it 's a face off between two of the Internet's heaviest hitters. It's a battle royale between MySpace versus Facebook. We've got five rumble tumble rounds, so let's see who's got that goods. First up, it's all about the user interface. ^M00:00:35 [ Music ] Let's just take a look at the log in home page for MySpace. Wow, there is sure a lot going on there. Now let's check out Facebook's. And it's pretty clean and straightforward. Those two pages alone basically tell you what you'll be getting into. MySpace is just real busy with a lot of links, a lot of ads, and a little too much action going on. And when you navigate pages, you're also at the mercy of the user's personal layout, which can be painful. Now, Facebook is whole lot cleaner and easier to use. We aren't being bombarded by advertisements, well, yet anyways. And it's a really bright and sterile look that is consistent with every profile. Facebook beats them with a punch with a four in this round. And MySpace gets a three. Next round, customization. ^M00:01:17 [ Music ] Now MySpace gives you the ultimate control to personalize your profile page using HTML. There are different layout styles and imbedded multimedia, and anything you want, you can basically have. It also launched a new applications platform that lets you add widgets and web apps to your profile. Now, Facebook allows you to add all these fun and quirky kind of apps by rearranging and resizing your page and dragging and dropping them in. There's no HTML code editing, and you can't even change the color scheme of your profiles at the moment. That's a huge bummer. MySpace counters this round, unh, with a five because you could do anything you want to it, for better or for worse. And Facebook gets a four, thanks to its matured apps platform. Now you may like your own homepage to have personality, but which side brings it when comes to attitude and tone. ^M00:02:04 [ Music ] Sure, News Corp bought it, but MySpace's roots started with bands and artists using it as a promotional tool, and music is still a major part of the experience. It's also packed with celebrity profiles and multimedia. And it still has an independent feel to it. Now Facebook, well, it was created by a guy from Harvard. People praise it for its clean look and controlled feel, but at the same time, it's a little stuffy. Dare I say, geeky? Now we're handing out fours, unh, to both MySpace and Facebook for their different approaches that work for both of them. Now we're tied at 12 apiece. And next round, it's all about privacy. ^M00:02:40 [ Music ] MySpace profiles are public by default and their isn't any sort of age verification, yet. But it's being added very soon. You can also constantly get spammed, and it can be pretty annoying. MySpace gets a whole lot of flak, but you can really lay low if you want to. Now, Facebook has privacy customization that you can tweak for everything on the site. And there's a lot less spam on Facebook. I haven't received a single piece yet, crossing my fingers. Facebook, unh, gets the four. And MySpace gets a three in this round. These prizefights are always neck and neck with one more round left to go. How do you spend your time on these sites? Well, the final, deciding round is all about time blown. ^M00:03:20 [ Music ] MySpace is loaded with exclusive music previews from your favorite artists, and there are more streaming videos as well. Now, Facebook takes on another approach with its extensive group of applications that keep people coming back for me. Can you say "Scrabulous?" Now giving gifts and super poking people becomes super addicting. In the final round, Facebook, unh, gets a four and MySpace gets a three. The final score is 20 to 18. Facebook reigns victorious in another slobber knocker. I'm Brian Tong. And we'll catch you guys next time on another Prizefight. Woopah [phonetic] ^M00:03:59 [ Music ]

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