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Small Appliances: Premium but pricey personal blending
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Small Appliances: Premium but pricey personal blending

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If you have money to burn, the $409 Vitamix S30 makes travel blends with style.

[MUSIC] Hi, guys. This is Brian Bennet for CNET, and right now, we're taking a first look at the Vitamix S30. Now, this device is made for small-batch smoothie making, or food prep. It. Has a travel cup that you can take if you wanna make your smoothies to go. It also has a regular 40 ounce mixing jar for making bigger batches. Now, it's an excellent solution if premium built quality and craftsmanship really float your boat. The problem is it has a staggeringly high. Sky high price of $409. So, right off the bat the first thing I notice about this blender is it's extremely sturdy construction. It has a very sturdy base that weighs 12 lbs. Now, like pretty much every Vitamix blender out there. The S30 has a very simple dial control. So another really, really nice thing about the Vitamix is that it has a modular design. That means you can take the blade assembly off of one jar. Say this, just take that. Pop it over onto this, the travel jar. Turn upside down. Blend it right there. And then put the cap back on and you are ready to go. So, [UNKNOWN] is 840 peak watt motor that roughly translates to about one horsepower. So, you've got a pretty decent size engine here that's doing all the work for you. So like I said, the [UNKNOWN] S30 has extremely sticker price, $409. That's a lot of money to spend. Especially when you can just spend $40 on one of these other travel style blenders. So one of the other things that's not so hot about this blender is that it's not quite as powerful as some of the other blenders made by Blendtec or Ninja. Also, while it is dishwasher safe and pretty easy to clean most of the parts by hand, the. Blade array is a little tricky. You actually have to get in underneath the blades and, it's kind of hard to do that, so you're probably gonna be wanting to clean it in the dishwasher only. So I'm personally very drawn to this blender's unique mix of premium build quality and power. But you have to pay the price. I'm Brian Bennett for CNET, and you've just taken a first look at the Vitamix F30. [MUSIC]

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