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preGAME 13: Skate 3: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: preGAME 13: Skate 3

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This week on preGAME, we ollie into a front-side 50-50 grind to bring you a live game demo of Skate 3. There are plenty of new tricks and elements to the most realistic skateboarding franchise on the market and we'll show you a few of them on today's show.

^M00:00:01[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Hey everybody welcome to preGAME, thank you for clapping that means a lot everybody. What's going on everyone, I'm Jeff Bakalar. >> I'm not Jeff Bakalar, I'm Mark Licea. >> He's going to be Mark today, you're playing the role of Mark. >> I am. >> We've got a great preGAME for everyone watching, thank you so much for tuning in. Today we're going to be demoing live on the show, Skate 3. >> All you skateboarders and extreme sports fans you're going to have a lot of fun watching me bust my ass playing skates. >> All right, Skate 3, that's going to be a lot of fun. Also thanks everyone for tuning in day late, we had to bump the show. >> Jeffrey sick. >> I was sick, still not feeling 100 percent but I'm back. I'm going to make it count tonight. >> You were playing video games, don't lie. >> I really was...you know when I'm really sick. >> You're just so addicted that you have to call in sick two days in a row. >> I spent the whole day licking bathroom stalls so that I would get sick. >> You have a game addiction. >> Yeah, that's true. >> You need help. >> It's an illness. Big news today, no actually let's first in today's headlines [inaudible]. A lot of sound effects. >> We need that Mario pipe sound before we can continue on with anything. >> It's what lets us into the next segment. >> So what's going on in the news. >> Metal of Honor, remember that franchise Metal of Honor? >> I do. >> Well, guess what it's coming back and today we have an official date, October 12. >> You mean Call of Duty, Metal of Honor. >> Yes. What ever you want to call it, same thing, but we have a trailer from Metal of Honor, the date was just announced today, October 12, 2010 is when it will be available, it's out from EA, let's check out this very intense trailer and we'll talk about it on the other side, let's check this out. ^M00:01:49 [ Background noise ] ^M00:02:03 >> The war rages on, we have dealt the enemy many crushing blows, we have exposed their positions and driven them back, but they have endured. They have adapted, and they are not as weak as we once thought. War requires the sledge hammer but will decided with the scalpel. A different breed of warrior is required. We are experts in the application of violence. We possess the mind set and will to do what is necessary. We are Tearwater. ^M00:03:09 [ Background noise ] ^M00:03:10 >> Man, they really worked him over, think he's going to make it. >> Get down. ^M00:03:25 [ Background noise ] ^M00:03:35 >> Wow, that is truly screwed up, huh. >> Kicking that guy in the chair or the side of the chair I guess. >> Anyway there's some thing about the Metal of Honor game that feels very realistic. >> It will be. >> Call of Duty I feel like prides itself on being very realistic first person military shooter. >> Um, hum. >> I got to see live game play Metal of Honor a couple of months ago and there's some sort of element of realism in this game that's just not seen in anything else. >> It doesn't really communicate that through the trailer though, I feel like it kind of looks like every other preGAME first... >> It looks really good though. >> I'm sure it will play differently. >> In terms of the graphic quality, it looks pretty good though. >> Oh, definitely. >> Let's talk about Sony and a new protection plan for the PS3 and PSP. I feel like...well let's get to the story first, Sony is coming out with a protection plan, you can buy a sort of warranty, a one year extension or a two year plan, the one year is going to cost 45 bucks for PS3 [inaudible] two year will be 60 dollars for PSP, one year is 30, two years is 40, you can also buy an accidental damage clause the will be an extra 10 bucks and will you know, keep you safe with accidents and stuff like that. >> Nice but I feel like maybe Microsoft should be looking into doing something like this for the 360, right. >> Well, they already give you the free three year red ring and death warrant, you have your X-box for three years. >> Well, that's true, yeah. >> So you're covered for that. >> I feel like they're just sort of poking at X-Box just by announcing this plan. >> We know of the people who have problems with their playstation? >> No, I don't know anybody. I've never had a problem, have you? >> Uh, uh. >> I'm on my fifth X-Box 360 and I don't know anyone who has a PS3 that crapped out on them. >> But I guess it's there if people are interested. There's also another company called Square Trade and they offer different types of warranties for consumer electronics. >> Right, right. >> I believe that they actually offer a two year warranty because I think the playstation comes with a one year warranty when you purchase it. >> Built in, yeah. >> It comes with a two year for both the PS3 and the PSP. It's a little bit cheaper. >> Yeah. >> That's always and option and it's been around for a while and I think it actually protects against like liquid damage. >> Liquid damage in case you decide to go [inaudible]. >> Because we've all been there before. >> Yes. >> I want to get to this other story; this video is so funny to me. Here's a guy, Justin McElroy, reviews editor for Joystick, tasked with reviewing the game Near, have you heard about Near? >> The RPG. >> Yeah, he got so frustrated with this certain section I the game that he stopped he couldn't even finish the review because he was so frustrated, let's watch this video really quick, it's hilarious what Justin's trying to say in this video. Wilson you want to rock that video, we'll show you guys what we're talking about. Near just came out, let's listen to this, it is so funny. >> [ Inaudible section listening to video] Before I demonstrate this awesome fishing mechanic you should know that it's taking me literally a full 60 minute hour to get as good at fishing as I am right now, oh I got a bite, so like you're pulling against the fish and this is literally how slow this bar is going...this is literally the speed at which I am catching this fish. Literally, this is the game someone...an adult made this game and then they had other adults play it and they were like yes let's release this on the market for people to purchase with the money that they worked so hard to earn. I'm still catching a fish...I have a sore on my back and there are demons and shit, hey here's something, I have magic, how about shoot the fish and go get it out of the ocean, it's dead you killed it, but this, this is your hobby, got it, got it. I got the fish. >> He did it. >> Yeah. I landed a frame. >> That's pretty good. >> Shaman fish. >> That's pretty good so as you can see there's a really frustrating element to the game and a lot of people are coming forward and saying oh he wasn't in the right spot, whatever, no game should... >> No game should be executed that way. >> Exactly, thank you. >> It took maybe what three four minutes, I actually edited down that video. >> It was a 7 minute edited down and it took a lot longer than we show. >> Yeah. >> So, thanks Justin for that laugh, that's pretty cool. >> Jeff, have you ever come across a game where you've encountered a mini game or something that you couldn't avoid that you needed to complete and it was just too frustrating or two annoying to you and you're just like screw this game I'm not going to play it. >> I feel like my brain has done a good job at permanently deleting those games from my memory. >> Yeah. >> I remember getting really frustrated with a few Grand Theft Auto games, a few missions that were so impossible. >> But I feel like after a half an hour you finally go to the FAQ and you're like okay how do I fix this. >> Sure, exactly. >> But then after that you're just like screw it. Maybe Paper Mario although. >> Thank you, of course. >> Paper Mario was definitely one of those games where you had to think of all of the different ways to get through whatever it was, whatever challenge you're presented with. >> Yeah, jump on this block 38 times. >> Yeah, and than after the tenth time I was like forget it I'm not going to the FAQ, I'm done. >> My favorite PSP game by far, hands down, God of War, Chains of Olympus. Guess what ready at dawn the developers behind the first God of War PSP game are back at it, God of War is coming back to the PSP with Ghost of Sparta, finally this year we're going to have another PSP God of War game. >> Nice. >> So everyone let's look forward to that. We're going to talk a little now about the new Halo Reach Beta. >> [ Inaudible section ] >> You played the beta. >> I played the beta, it's out now to the public if you have... >> It came out on Monday. >> Right. >> And if you have ODST that works as an access key and I have an actually...I have OSDT waiting on my 360 but you've played it so what are your thoughts so far. >> Well, before we get to that let's segway this into our discussion round table talking points, it's all about betas and incentives to hold on to games, so what we're talking about now, so let's get to it. ^M00:10:17 [ Background noise ] ^M00:10:18 So this whole idea and while we're talking about this we're going to be running the Halo Reach Beta video that Aisha Tyler [phonetic] is doing. >> Of Talk Soup fame. >> On Talk soup and she's also on Archer, the new show Archer. >> Yeah. >> On FX she's...>> She's supposedly a big Halo fan. >> Apparently. >> That's what she claims. >> [Inaudible] I like the beta, the beta's good, it's fun, it's multiplayer Halo what's not to like. >> And the purpose of the beta is to have people play it see what they like, see what they don't like and get their feedback. Comment back to bungee and do it, okay so you have that you know side of the argument that says well you know a beta mode for a game good because it works out all the kinks and it works out all the issues that the developers...maybe not necessarily could figure out themselves but... >> Or don't just think about and then when you actually play it. >> They want the [inaudible] to get their hands on it. >> I'm actually already starting to see a lot of blogs that are listing what could be fixed judging from the beta. >> So what I want to talk about is they're giving access to this beta through ODST which is a game that came out many months ago, you know people are now...they have an incentive to hold onto a game because there's this light at the end of the tunnel that says okay when your ready for that, when this beta comes out you're going to need that original disc to unlock that. >> And this was told to them since the beginning. >> Oh, they knew right away, they knew right away. But what do you think is it not fair to a gamer to do that? >> Is it not fair for them to hang on to the game or is it not fair if the people don't have the game originally. >> Because when I was in college, when I was in high school I couldn't wait to get rid of a game so I could get some money back, I would sell them on eBay, I would bring them back to a game store whatever it was so I could trade it in or do whatever I had to do to work towards credit for my next game. Obviously they don't want you to do that now because they are giving you these incentives, this little hidden sort of Easter eggs that say okay if you hold on to the game you're going to have access to the beta. >> Well, if you think about it it's kind of like a free downloadable content that is for sure going to be hugely popular. >> Right. >> Because there's already a lot of news about how much...there's so much heavy traffic on it because it's such a popular game. >> Right. >> So just in that respect just knowing that Halo is such a huge franchise and the fact that you don't have to pay for it. >> Right but see that's the thing I think you are paying for it though. Because you're paying for it with that original price. Don't forget Halo ODST had a very short campaign but it did have the original Halo 3 multiplayer, that whole thing encompassed in that disc but it was a 60 dollar game. >> That's true. >> But you can't...you know you can't argue with the numbers. >> If you're going to buy it you already know what you're getting into, I guess. >> Sure. Sure. You can't argue with the numbers, Reach beta drew one million people on day one, one million people, that's insane to me, that means all these people held on to ODST or whatever they did. >> Well it's funny because the copy of ODST that I have is actually my sisters. >> Right. >> I mean I'm not using it right now but I'm pretty sure she'd want it back. >> Right to do it. >> Yeah, so that is a good example of trading off games and then not being able to play it because you don't have that disc as an access to it. >> Exactly, they've tried stuff like this before, obviously we mention ODST, they did something with Crackdown, remember there was a Crackdown of I think that was Halo 2 maybe, they gave...or maybe Halo 3, they gave you access to Crackdown. Tom Clancy games are starting to do it now, A new Ghost Recon game is unlockable through conviction, so there's a lot of this stuff, whether or not this will change once we move to the digital only stuff, it probably will be cause I don't think that platform allows itself to do this sort of mechanic but we'll see. >> I think there's a positive but I'm pretty sure people listening maybe have a different opinion of why it could be negative, so. >> Let us know what you think, absolutely pregame@cnet.com, every one it is time for our live game demo of Skate 3, we're checking it out live on preGAME, we're going to run it for you right now. So we're here, Skate 3, live demo the game does not come out for another week, we have an early copy of it right here for our preGAME previewing audience. Very excited let's hop right in Wilson, see what we got going on. Skate 3 is a brand new sort of initiative, it's all about building your own brand within the game, the object is to sell boards, sell decks right so you're trying to sell skate board decks for you're ''little skate board company'' and we're going to show you a couple of the challenges that are scattered throughout the world net, right now I'm going to do a photo challenge, which is pretty cool. And I'm sure Wilson will get a kick out of this because it sort of gives you like this little Photo Shop mini kit inside the challenge here. So basically what happens is that you're going to a certain section of the map where someone will be taking a photo of you while you skate so let's hop right in here. >> So for people who aren't familiar with the skate franchise, what's the essence of the game, are there a lot of mini games involved would you say? >> Well, it sort of evolved, this is the third one already, they've evolved, they've done a really good job at you know making the series more realistic. It's definitely the most realistic skateboarding game there is so here I'm going to try and grind this rail like I'm suppose to...oh but I fell but it's fine because it's just a video game. >> But if you notice you have access, you know in all skate boarding games you really couldn't start over as easily, you can set markers now and you can... ^M00:16:00 [ Background noise ] ^M00:16:02 Oh, there we are, very nice, now watch I completed the challenge and now what I'll be able to do is edit this photo... >> That's pretty cool, just pick and choose. >> Now watch I can switch back and forth to what...so see what they did here was...I don't know if you've seen a lot of skate board...actually can you lower the volume of the game down a little bit, thanks. So what they're doing here is they're letting you basically choose the depth of field so if you notice as I'm hitting X the background is blurring. >> That background is blurring, yeah. >> So there's basically if you've ever read a skate boarding magazine there's a lot of this sort of stuff, some of the photo challenges you can select the frame, what they're doing here is showing you the entire... >> Timeline. >> Timeline of your move and you can make it brighter, you can change the contrast right? >> Um, hum. >> Pretty cool stuff zooming in, in and out, really cool stuff so. >> I mean what do you do with these pictures once you have them. >> Well, it becomes part of your like portfolio as a skater so let's say I'm happy with that, it becomes a photo and there's the cover of it, pretty cool see it's like a centerfold. And that little logo on the left corner is my... >> Jeff Baker. >> That's my skate boarding name, doesn't that look like a good skate boarding name, right so that's what it is, there you go and that's one of the very cool challenge features. >> And can you share these with other people on line? >> I believe they can see it. But like I said a lot of the game is based on your online sort of presence or you can have an online team, everyone's part of this one crew and you guys all sort of... >> Like rack all the points together. >> For the common good basically. So we're going to hop into a new challenge right here. >> For the common good, it's a communist skate boarding game. So this one is called, Own the Spot so you basically are warped to a certain section of the map, the map is huge by the way, a huge map in Skate 3 and now I'm going to try and own this spot so there's basically a little section of the map where a trick has already been established, you have to usurp that high score and once you so, you own the spot and it's another challenge and it all helps you sell boards and that's really all you're concerned about, that helps you unlock stuff, it helps you recruit new members for your team and basically stuff like that, that's what the main focus of Skate 3 is, you are constantly wanting to build your brand. >> So I create... >> And you can customize and create your own version of a skate park. >> You can, that's a huge element of Skate 3, insanely in depth sort of track editor, not getting into that so much today but that's a huge element. >> So now I'm going to try and own this spot with a trick...oh, I think that's going to work. >> Just marked your territory. >> Oh, now see look that was a personal best but my target is 700 points, so I got to go back and try and beat that score. You can set markers in this game too for people who play a lot of skate boarding games, you always want to redo stuff but a...I got to try that again, but see how you can if you look on the top left side you can place the marker, you can go to a marker. >> Oh, okay. >> So it sort of lets you give that challenge a break you can switch over to something else and come back to it later. >> Only within the same sort of thing here but you're getting the idea, oh, I almost got that, let's try one more time. This is my skater that I developed. He is clearly a classy guy, oh look at that, oh, I almost landed that, very tough, I want to try this one more time because I need to own this spot, this is actually my game that I'm playing so I'm trying to... ^M00:19:54 [ Laughter ] ^M00:19:58 >> Oh, trying to get some homework done exactly. Neil Diamond on the sound track, really cool, I'm trying basically jump into a grind here, it's pretty tough, if I don't get it this time we'll skip ahead to another challenge...oh...I can already see like a montage of skate fails. >> Oh, there's so much...oh there's so much and part of that's fun and you're actually going to get to see...oh here you go. Let's flip that...oh...you got it. >> That was nice, all right, very cool so that's one of the challenges that you have access to, now we're going to bring it to another challenge, this is really cool and if you're like me you love seeing rag doll physics in games, right you love seeing...guys just totally eat it and that's what we're going to do right here, this was called Hall of Meat, all of the challenges are you basically eating it. Let me just find the one I cued up here, okay spilled... >> Eating it because they're so difficult or because that... >> Eating it like literally eating concrete, eating asphalt and that's what this challenge is you're basically trying to... >> Wow. >> Trying to hurt yourself really badly. And it's cool because them ore you hurt yourself, the...there's like these little bone graphics come out and show you which bones you've damaged which is a lot of fun. You can see Jason Lee there in the game; he's got a big part in this game which is very cool. >> Is he Coach Frank? >> He's Coach Frank, all right so here's where we're really going to see me eat it, this is cool because it's part of it, so now they're showing you exactly where you need to go, I'm going to have to ollie through this little barrel gate there and basically the object is to get all the way through to the bridge, let's see if I can bail all the way down there, I'm pretty good at falling, let's see. >> Oh, that was too pretty. >> That was too pretty actually. >> I want to see [inaudible]. >> I'm going to try to really eat it, oh. Did you see that I broke my hand there. >> So what is the secret to a successful skate fail, do you just go crazy on the buttons or do you just play with your eyes closed? >> You can sort of trigger, you can trigger a bail. >> He did like a little cartwheel, he did like a dainty little cartwheel over the bush. Oh, oh, oh, that was pretty good, nice. >> Oh, look, no look I broke my left forearm and hand, still haven't reached that blue line, I think that blue line is the goal there, I'm going to give this a few more times because I'm not going to lie, It's kind of fun watching this guy eat it, oh, oh, oh. >> Keep going, keep going. >> I like the way he hits the barrels and then he just goes stiff. >> Because that is the most effective way to...>> To bail. >> To land well, yes. Oh, oh, broken femur right there, on know that's not the femur, what is that Mark, you know what bone that is. >> Is that. >> No the femur's on the thigh. Is it the tibia? >> Yeah, there you go. >> Oh. >> Oh, right on the head. >> But he's still intact. He didn't break anything. >> And there I made it, that's how you do it. I've owned the challenge. >> Very cool [inaudible]. >> Man oh man. >> Look at his hands flailing. Hoping someone will reach out and save him. >> It's a lot of fun. That's going to do it for our game demo of Skate 3, the game comes out May 11, that's next week on X-Box 360. >> Good job. >> Playstation 3, thank you ladies and gentleman. I thought I did a good job. >> That was a lot of fun watching it. >> Getting beat up like that, absolutely. Finally on preGAME you guys know what we do every week, we roundup the releases for the week of May 3. ^M00:23:47 [ Background noise ] ^M00:23:50 >> All right, May 3, 2010, video game releases of note, Iron Man 2, yesterday, Tuesday out on pretty much every platform you can buy so go check out Iron Man 2 if you're into that, definitely my pick of the week, Picross 3D, do you know about Picross? >> Tell me. >> It's a DS game, they did it in 2D the first time, a lot of blocks, it's like Sodoku meets I don't know what. >> Okay, it's a puzzle game. >> Highly addictive, and cheap, 20 bucks on the DS. Check it out if you got 20 bucks to burn and you love DS games. Today is also Fat Princess Fistful of Cake PSP, we had that a couple weeks ago on our PSP game roundup, that actually came comes out this week as well, so if you're interested in that game it comes out today. Also on the DS Dementium 2, have you heard of Dementium, do you know what that is at all? >> No. >> Really creepy sort of sound [inaudible] scary thing from DS, you don't get a lot of like M rated DS games, this is one of them, comes out this week, definitely check it out if you're into it. >> All right. >> The first one was pretty good so hopefully this hopefully will be just as good. Some teases for next week ladies and gentleman, Alan Wake, next week. >> Wow, that went fast. >> Isn't that amazing. >> There's some really good games coming out this summer. >> May is packed, we got Alan Wake next week, the week after we're going to be doing Prince of Persia, the Forgotten Sins. The week after that hopefully will be Mod Nation Racers. >> Very nice. >> We're going to try and squeeze in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well, >> Of course. >> So many games, so little time, my friends. >> Very exciting. >> Keep it here for preGAME for all these new games, we're going to get to you live demos of all this stuff and talking with a few developers along the way, should be a lot of fun. That's going to do it for us, if you want to get in touch with the show, e-mail us pregame@cnet.com, that is how you get in touch with us, myself and Mark we try and answer all of the e-mails we get. If you're still waiting on your Alien versus Predator games those are on their way to you so don't worry about that, I think that's going to do it. >> Yeah. >> Yeah, all right. That's it for us today guys, thank you so much for checking out PreGAME, I'm Jeff Bakalar. >> I'm Mark Licea. >> That's going to do it for us today we'll see you guys next week with Alan Wake live in the studio, everyone have a great week, I'll see you then. ^M00:26:10 [ Music ] ^M00:26:17

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