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E-readers: Plastic Logic Que Pro reader

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E-readers: Plastic Logic Que Pro reader

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Tom Merritt takes a look at the Plastic Logic Que Pro reader, at CES 2010 in Las Vegas.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hey, I'm Tom Merritt at CES 2010, taking a look at the hotly anticipated plastic Logic Que ProReader. This is an 8.5 x 11 size E Ink reader, and this is the one that people have been waiting for because it's got a large form factor. It's gonna have lots of magazines and newspapers on it, and Plastic Logic emphasizing that it's meant for the business user, so it's gonna support PDF, Epub, all kinds of text files, docs, images, formats that you'd expect. It doesn't support .mobi, but they do allow you to print to PDF with the software that comes with it so that you can put anything you can print on the device. Now, it's a touchscreen with only one button, one button up here for the home. Everything else happens down here. You get several different views so you can try to move between your different documents easily. There's a recently viewed as well as the -- as well as stuff that you actively access all the time, and -- yeah, here we go: recently viewed, high priority -- you can mark things to get back to later -- annotated because you can do some marking up with either a pencil thing, underlining and typing, or there's a few other options for bookmarking and noting different things in different documents. And it's meant to be the thing that has all your documents on it. So if you have business documents, PowerPoint presentations, anything like that, you can put on here, but as you expect, there is a shop. There will be two models. One comes with WiFi, one with 3G. The 3G also has WiFi. The WiFi model will have four-gigabytes of storage on board, and the 3G model will have 8-gigabytes of storage on board. And they both can access a Barnes and Noble store for e-books, as well as magazines and newspapers that Plastic Logic has partnered with to deliver. They've announced a bunch of partnerships with different publications in the past. They've announced some more today. There's newspapers all over the country, a bunch of different magazines, and they're going to continue to announce them, so I'm not them a try to go through all of those right now. But the store works as you'd expect. You go in, you browse through the newspapers, you'll get a list of the newspapers that are available. You can subscribe. You can buy individual ones and read them. They're delivered wirelessly, either over 3G or the WiFi, depending on which model you have. When you're reading into a newspaper, the way you can move between pages -- or in a book for that matter -- if either by some navigation down here on the bottom or just swiping across. So if you swipe across like that, you move to the next page. And they're trying to make it a little more like reading a newspaper that you're from earlier with so that you can get into a story and just think about reading it rather than having, you know, the glare from a monitor, or having to click through to a bunch of different ones. The swiping, as with all E Ink screens, is a little bit slow. It takes a minute or so -- you know, it takes a second or so to move from one page to the other. So if you're trying to use this to flip through a bunch of documents, I notice it's gonna take you maybe a little longer than it would to shuffle through some papers, but the convenience is that you've got everything in here, and it's a nice, thin form factor, familiar 8 1/2 x 11 size. This will be available in mid-November they said. The 3G version is going to be $799.00, and the WiFi-only version is $649.00, so it's a little pricey, but hey, it's meant for the business user. They can probably write it off. That's the Plastic Logic Que ProReader. At CES 2010, I'm Tom Merritt. ^M00:03:25 [ Music ]

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