CNET News Video: PC gamers battle around the clock
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CNET News Video: PC gamers battle around the clock

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In a vacant hangar at the Naval Air Station in Alameda, Calif., hundreds of PC gamers spent the weekend competing in Nvidia's GeForce LAN 4 party. The big draw this year was <i>Crysis</i>, a title some fans call Electronic Arts' most realistic yet.'s Kara Tsuboi bids adieu to the sunshine and meets some gamers who prefer to bask in the glow of their computer screens.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Kara Tsuboi: Hey there, I am Kara Tsuboi. I am here at the former naval base in Alameda, California and this is the scene for Nvidia's fourth annual GeForce Lan Gamers Tournament. What that means is that about 500 gamers are bringing their personal computers to play against each other. Say goodbye to the sunshine, we are going in for two days straight. Lots of fun. ^M00:00:25 [ music ] ^M00:00:38 >> I brought my PC, my monitor and just bunch of cables, extra stuff just in case. >> Kara Tsuboi: That's right. BYOPC and for a $25 entrance fee Nvidia the graphics chip maker will provide the space, the electricity, the food and all the energy drinks necessary to keep this herd of gamers shooting, jumping and blowing stuff up for an entire weekend. >> Kara Tsuboi: How long are you planning on staying here? >> All three days. >> Kara Tsuboi: [laughs] >> All three days and not going to sleep. >> Kara Tsuboi: So we are talking like more than 48 hours of gaming. >> You know what are hand cramps? >> Kara Tsuboi: [laughing] some bloody finger tips. >> Hand gets stuck like that, gamer claw. >>Kara Tsuboi: Gamer claw? >> Yeah. >> Kara Tsuboi: Ooh, that's a new one. I like it. >> Yeah. >> Kara Tsuboi: 20 year old Justin says he logs about 20 hours of game time a week. This year he brought his girl friend, also a gamer. Good thing, pickins are slim. >> You know, right now I am looking around and the ratio is may be... >> Actually last year it was worse. Last year I think I counted two. >> Two girls? >> Two. >> Yeah I think it's about one, 1 to 50 here. So, ladies if you are looking for a date then this is the place to be this weekend. >> There's a lot of eager guys. >> [ laughing ] >> Kara Tsuboi: Not Brandon. He's got his eye on the competition. Bringing in his souped up secret weapon. >> You've tricked out your PC? >> Exactly, exactly and that's what we go for. We go for straight up performance, aesthetics is still a part of it but a majority of it is getting our thing to go as fast as possible, maybe the hot rod of computers per se. >> Too bad a 17 hour drive from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to get here wasn't such a smooth ride. >> We lost two tires. We hit a cattle door on the way down and the Department of Transportation was awesome, they helped us out and they got us here. Got here in one piece and. >> One of the draws of the conference is the chance to play Crysis, a newly released game from Electronic Arts. It's a first person shooter game set on an alien invaded island. Fans say it's the most realistic PC game that has ever been made. >> I'm a key specie gamer and this is by far the ultimate game experience I have never been so immersed in a game before. The environment is so real and so lively that you know it really feels like you are actually on this island. >> Kara Tsuboi: And for EA and others in the PC gaming industry, the timing for a smash hit game couldn't be better. >> This holiday season I think you will see a lot of great game titles come out and they are actually going to be all on PC gaming platform. It's going to be a great holiday season for gamers. >> Kara Tsuboi: Between the panel discussions, the workshops and of course the gaming, two days of this conference is going to wear you out. Luckily there are lounges like this with energy drinks, chocolates and the latest issues of Computer Power use to unwind. I think I am set. I am Kara Tsuboi reporting for CNET ^M00:03:21 [ Music ]

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