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CNET Update: Pay more for Amazon Prime, less for Office 365
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CNET Update: Pay more for Amazon Prime, less for Office 365

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While Amazon's Prime service jumps in price, Microsoft offers a cheaper Office suite and Google drops the cost of Drive.

Paying more for Amazon prime but saved on office 365. I'm Bridget Carey and this is yours and that updates. The day we all feared has arrived Amazon announced that primal cost 100 dollars a year. That's a twenty dollar price increase for the subscription service it includes free two day shipping on most of Amazon's items. Plus access to free shows on prime instant video and free. The student -- also increased but that's just fifty dollars a year. This is the first time the price increase since prime launched in 2005. Fuel and transportation does cost more but Amazon may also anymore Cashman competing with Netflix to provide more quality shows for its video service. It is sign up for -- by April 17 you can lock in their original eighty dollar cost per one more here. Everyone else we'll have to pay more when their account comes up or its yearly -- -- Prime is still a pretty good deal it didn't take advantage of the perks. If you just look at -- as a way to stream some TV shows and movies. Amazon cost three dollars more than one year -- Netflix or Hulu plus. But say don't care about the -- shows you don't have a -- -- don't care about the free books. You need to take a look at your ordering history to see how much you would -- -- shipping my CNET update a lot has a few links to help you figure that out. But you can also prolong the price -- paint for one more year. You buy an Amazon prime subscription now as a gift but -- -- it to yourself and you have the delivery date between your current membership expires turn off -- were new and how to -- you to save -- eyes are -- by pain for it ahead of time. But as month subscription service price goes up a few others drop. Microsoft has a cheaper option for accessing this week -- -- -- programs coming soon is office 360 I personal. It costs seventy dollars a year and you can only install office on one computer and one windows tablet. It you need more devices spend a hundred dollars -- op -- 365 home. And that makes you install it on up to five computers and five Smart -- The Google drive storage prices also dropped. Everyone -- fifteen gigs of free storage but if you need more 100 gigs of storage now costs two dollars a month instead of five dollars and some folks -- itching to get it it it but others it just -- from their bit it. It is offering a full refund for it's forced activity tracking wrist and after more than 101000 users complained -- developing allergic reactions and irritation from the strap. The 130 dollar fitness -- that was the first hit it to come with the screen. That your tech news update -- -- -- -- slash update from our studios in New York I'm Bridget Carey.
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