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Tech Industry: Path gets comments
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Tech Industry: Path gets comments

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Path CEO Dave Morin shows off the quirky photostream app's new commenting system.

-Okay. So this is [unk] new conversation feature. Bye. Greater. Oops! So you just took a picture of me and now for the first time, you're able to put a little comment in, right? -Yup. -Let's see if it shows up in real time and if-- When my friends start responding, it'll show up in real time here and as you scroll through your-- your home time on view here, you'll see comments showing up from-- from friends and conversations that people have been having. If you see that people have been having a long conversation, you can just click over and-- and see the conversation going on in real time. -In real time? -Yeah, in real time. So if-- if somebody comments while you're typing a message, it'll show-- it'll show right up-- right-- right in the middle of the conversation and you'll get a real time notification. It'll-- it'll show up without having to refresh it frequently. -Now why-- why did you launch without that initially? -We wanted to see what people, you know, what people desired. We thought perhaps just getting everyday moments from your friends might be enough and that the conversations in person that are inspired by that might be enough, but we-- we saw that customers really desired--because photos carry so much information with them--that customers really desired the ability to have a-- have a conversation around-- around those moments and so--. In testing it in the last few weeks around here, we-- we found that really to be the case and that the conversations people are having are really meaningful around this-- around the moment, so we're excited. You know, we did some innovation in terms of delivering in-- delivering the comments in-- in real time and-- and trying to make it as sort of fluid as possible, so we're hoping that that's also just a-- a great thing for speeding and fluidity of conversations.