CNET Update: Patching Heartbleed, a major Web security wound
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CNET Update: Patching Heartbleed, a major Web security wound

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CNET’s Bridget Carey explains why thousands of Web sites are scrambling to patch a bug that may have exposed your private information. Plus, Facebook tweaks privacy settings, and Sesame Street jumps into on-demand subscriptions.

On the internet, things are not always as secure as they seem. I am Bridget Carey and this is your CNET update. [MUSIC]. Folks we have to have a talk about heart bleed. It's a cool sounding name given to a serious security flaw, that many major websites are scrambling to fix, including Amazon, Yahoo and Google, and it means we will have to refresh our passwords for many websites. Explaining heart bleed can get pretty technical. But here's a simple way to think about it. When you're on a website entering in your secure information like a password or credit card info, there's a little padlock icon near the URL to let you know the website is encrypted and your data is private. Well, there's this open-source system that many sites. Have been using for encryption. It's called Open SSL, and it had a leak. Someone could trick a server into sharing the encrypted data, and even share the keys to unlock the encryption. It's believed that about 2 3rds of websites were vulnerable to this flawed security system. And what's worse, is that the problem has existed for the past two years and security experts had no idea. If someone has been taking advantage of this bug to steal info, it leaves no trace. There are no fingerprints left behind, so websites don't even know if they were compromised. That's comforting. So what can you do? I mean, besides get angry at the internet. Well, the smart thing to do is to wait for website to announce that they have patched the problem. Then you can change your passwords. Big sites like Yahoo and Google have fixed the issue, but not all smaller sites may have plugged the leak just yet. Also, keep a close eye on your banking statements for any fraudulent activity. Which you should always do anyway. Let's move on to a different kind of privacy. Facebook privacy. The social network has admitted that sometimes its privacy settings can be confusing. So it's making some changes. If you haven't touched your privacy settings in a while, you'll get a popup With a little dinosaur asking you to double check your settings in case you didn't realize you've been making all your posts public. And on the Facebook IOS app, you may have noticed that the audience selector which was on the lower-right corner is now clearly visible on the top of your status form. Facebook will also add more descriptions on what public means, on the desktop drop-down menu. And, as more of us watch video online and cut the cable subscription, there's another streaming video option making its debut. Sesame Street Go, offers on-demand access to hundreds of full length episodes of the classic children's program. And, it can be accessed on any device at Sesame Street Go is brought to you by the number four because it'll cost you $4 a month. That's your tech news update. Head to for more details on these stories. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey. [SOUND]

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