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Quick Tips: Password protect files on a Mac

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Quick Tips: Password protect files on a Mac

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Encrypt your sensitive files using the Disk Utility in Mac OS X.

If you�re looking for a way to secure the files you send from your Mac you�re in the right place. I�m Brian Tong with and we�ll show you how to password protect files on a Mac. First of all have some files you want to protect. Then find the Disk Utility. Go to your Applications folder and find it in the Utilities folder, or you can search for it using Spotlight. Once its launched, go to �File� in the menu Bar and create a Blank Disk Image folder. You can make a few adjustments, but the key part is selecting the encryption level. You have two options but we�ll select the 128-bit encryption. Then create the disk image. A prompt will ask you to create a password and show you the strength of it as well. I recommend you uncheck the �Remember password in my keychain�. That prevents the disk image from opening on your computer without any password verification. Press OK and the disk image will be mounted on your desktop, and you can drag and drop your files onto it. When you�re done with that, eject the disk image, and from now on, if anyone wants to get access to those files they�ll need a password. I�m Brian Tong for with your how-to for password protecting your files on a Mac. Use it wisely.

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