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First Look: Parrot Minikit Smart
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First Look: Parrot Minikit Smart

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The Parrot Minikit Smart combines an easy-to-use Bluetooth speakerphone with a sturdy smartphone windshield mount and charger, making it useful for both hands-free calling and turn-by-turn navigation when paired with an app.

The Parrot Minikit Smart combines a Bluetooth speakerphone and a universal windshield mount into one really incredible package. The Smartphone is held in place with a spring loaded arm and the whole kit could be rotated on its ball-jointed neck. The unit pairs with your Smartphone using a 4-digit pin over Bluetooth and it support hand-free calling and HDP audio streaming. Now, we wouldn't use the speaker for listening the music, but in a pinch, it will actually do for an audio podcast. Of course, it's primary purpose is calls and quality there is good, and of course with a turn-by-turn direction up, you can actually hear your directions over road and wind noise pretty easily. After pairing the Minikit Smart, we will then download your address book for excessing manually with the Smart's control knob or with a spoken voice command. -Wayne Cunningham. W. -The microphone is located on the unit side and can be removed and repositioned for better sound quality and loud vehicles. In our testing vehicle, the standard position actually worked fine. The unit charge is via USB and shifts with a 12-volt to USB power adaptor. However if you look closely, you'll see that there are actually 2 USB connections on the Minikit Smart's right side. That's because this car kit also shifts with a trio of shorter USB dongle that terminating many USB, micro USB, and Apple's dock connector, so you can keep your Smartphone or mobile device charged while you drive. So by combining a speakerphone function, a windshield dock, and the car charger, the Minikit Smart helps you to make your Smartphone used behind the wheel both easier and safer. Check out the full review for more details and on the Road Impression. Until then, I'm Antuan Goodwin with, giving you the first look at the Parrot Minikit Smart.

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