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First Look: Panasonic's rockin' $6 in-ear headphones

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First Look: Panasonic's rockin' $6 in-ear headphones

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The Ergo Fit RP-HJE120s are disposable earphones that you won't want to throw away.

I'm David Carnoy and welcome to another CNET video product tour. Now here at -- we review a wide variety of headphones including some budget models but rarely do we venture into piece of ten dollar category. But in the case of the Panasonic -- fit RP HGE 120 earphones I decided to make an exception. I saw these earphones on Amazon and opted for -- large model. Which -- picked up for six dollars and seven cents with free two day shipping because I'm an Amazon prime member of course when it comes to six dollar earphones you tend to keep your expectations pretty low. My were a little higher because I'd read a bunch of favorable user opinions on Amazon. But I nevertheless wasn't expecting too much out of them. These guys indeed look like cheap earbud style headphones albeit with a -- -- design flare and a dash of cheerful coloring. These are sort of hybrid your phone part hard here but like your basic Apple your -- and parts off -- They -- come with three different sized silicon your tips. At this price you're more apt to see -- hard but your phone. But the ability to jam this -- in your ears with these guys helped with the base and overall sound isolation. -- able to get it tight -- with the largest of the year tips and actually thought these were pretty comfortable overall and stayed in my -- pretty well. I can't speak too highly of the -- construction and the wires leading up to each earpiece are pretty thin and tend to get tangled especially if you stick them in your pocket. The court does terminate an L shaped plug which is good although those with -- tough. Cases on the Smartphones may have some trouble getting the plug into their headphone Jack. After this outline what's impressive about -- -- phones is actually sound okayed a decent and compare favorably to your phones costing 25 to thirty dollars. By that I mean you get a reasonable amount of detail and base and the only ten to show they're truly budget nature on quieter more refined tracks. -- it also have their limitations with the bass heavy material of course. Long -- short of it is these headphones sound significantly better than their price would indicate. I don't want -- raise your expectations too much if your serial headphone loser persona makes a habit of breaking 34 dollar your phones. We're just looking for something use at the gym on the treadmill or elliptical machine should definitely give these -- try. Around 68 -- you don't have much to lose if worse comes to worse and they don't fit as well as you'd hope. You can always give them to someone else and if you do like them well you just might end up getting a second pair in eight different color. I'm David Carnoy thanks for watching.

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