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First Look: Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U

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First Look: Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U

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The Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U is a car stereo system that combines fast navigation with a user-friendly touch-screen interface and high-quality video playback.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hello, I'm Kevin Massy from CNET Car Tech and today we're taking a first look at the Panasonic Strata MVD905U. Now this is Panasonic's first move into the in dash market in the US. This is a pretty familiar set up. Now we've seen similar units' screen as this wide seven inch touch screen display and along the bottom you can see there are numerous hard buttons for top level menus with sub menus selected using the onscreen soft buttons. Now to enter a destination on the Strata, you're faced with perhaps one of the biggest soft touch screen buttons we've ever seen, this destination button. Press that and we get into just three options. If you want more means of entering your destination, press others and then you go to a list of nine different options for entering destinations. Go back, press the address button we're faced with an onscreen touch pad. The Strata is a hard drive based system, so it's going to be faster than those DVD ROM based systems at refreshing and calculating destinations. On the media side of things, press the source button and you will see we have AM, FM and disc playback capabilities. Put in a disc, the Strata can play MP3 and WMA discs, as well as regular CD redbook CDs. Put the disc in, we get the full ID3 tag information for each individual track playing on the disc. One of the drawbacks of this system that we found is navigating digital audio libraries. Press this button, fold the list and you can see six files at a time in each folder but, you have to do a little bit of digging to get to that. Overall, we like the Panasonic Strata MVD905U, it provides a useful navigation function with flexible digital audio playback, but it doesn't do anything that we haven't seen before. This system is on sale now for a price of between 14 and 1800 dollars. I'm Kevin Massy and today, we've had a first look at the Panasonic Strata MVD905U. [ Music ]

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