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Car Tech: Pair a phone with a 2010 Hyundai head unit

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Car Tech: Pair a phone with a 2010 Hyundai head unit

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In this How-To, Brian Cooley shows you how to pair your phone with a 2010 Hyundai head unit.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:08 >> Hi folks, Brian Cooley here in the new Hyundai Genesis coupe with the optional upgraded head unit, which does some nice stuff with Bluetooth. Here's a quick how to on how to get all the benefits out of it. Now it does voice for hands free calling and A2DP stereo streaming if your phone supports that. Let's get started. Press the phone button here is one of the easiest ways to get going. Settings on the bottom right, pairings, sounds like a nice restaurant with wine, right? But it's not, it's pairing your phone. Add to adds a phone. And now it tells you to look for the device name Genesis Coupe and enter the pass code, the default pass code of four zeroes. Now on whatever your phone is, get on there, start your Bluetooth and do your Bluetooth set up activity. I'll add a device. Now notice this car works in the method that you search from the phone to find the car. The car is not looking for your phone. And we're looking for the phrase Genesis Coupe to identify the right device. And there it is, the top one. I'll ok that. Here's my pass code, four zeroes as the car defaulted. Enter that. And now we're pairing up here on the screen, looks good. Now to test it. Good indication it's all working is I've got battery, signal and Bluetooth icons all lit up here on the phone screen. You can dial from the keypad, hit send or end, just like on a cell phone. Or you can do the call from your phone of course and the head unit will follow along. Now of course we're also connected for A2DP stereo Bluetooth streaming audio. I've got music on my smart phone which has that stereo Bluetooth stuff. To get there, it's CD Aux. There's my phone. It's playing phone music. Notice audio control is not supported. In this particular combination, I can't control the phone via the screen controls here. But none the less, I can get the audio over. If I go down to my media player here in this blackberry for example, go to music, I'll just go to all songs for instance. And we'll start playing. We should hear it right here. And we do. Tells you when you're streaming right there. No wires, put that anywhere you want. And when you're connected to this, what you've also got some basic control of the files here on the phone by the buttons here on the dash. Some other things to do with your blackberry connected device includes taking contacts and transporting them over. Which doesn't seem to work. Ok, when you want to disconnect the phone from the system, that's pretty straight forward. Go back to the phone menu, back to settings, back to pairings in this case. Highlight the phone you want to take away and it's simple, hit delete. And that will take out the phone itself as well as any phonebook contacts you may have transferred to this head unit. When it's time to disconnect your phone, you don't want to use it with the car anymore, you've got to go back to your phone menu, settings, connections first to disconnect that phone. Once that's done, you can go to pairings and unpair the phone. Two step process here. So there's a quick how to on using your Bluetooth phone for calls and for media playback in this Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the optional navigation head unit with A2DP stereo Bluetooth. ^M00:03:16 [ Music ]

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