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How To Video: Pair a phone with 2010 Honda head unit

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How To Video: Pair a phone with 2010 Honda head unit

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Brian Cooley shows you how to pair a phone with any 2010 Honda head unit.

[ music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Hello car fans, Brian Cooley here. Today I'm in a 2010 Honda Pilot Touring, a high trim pilot. Gonna give you a quick how to on dealing with Bluetooth pairing your phone to the hands free head unit. This will also apply to a lot of other Honda products, so listen up. First of all you do it by a voice command. There's a phone voice button over here on the steering wheel. Don't mistake it for the other voice button, which is down behind it. Set up. >> Phone set up options are pair, edit. >> Pair. >> Please enter the pairing code 0000. >> All right, it just told me the pass code is a bunch of zeros. I set my phone to Bluetooth on and began to search for the cars Bluetooth rig. I enter the 4 zeros and enter. Acknowledge. >> Hands free link has connected to a new phone. A name is needed to identify this phone. >> Blackberry. >> Blackberry has been successfully paired. >> Now to make a call it's obviously simple, just press the button on the wheel, for example, dial. >> What name or number would you like to dial? Press the talk button and say a name. >> I'm gonna hang up there. You can enter a variety of custom phone entries into the system, or depending on your phone, you gotta go check the Honda list, you can transfer phone book entries into the system as well. So it will vary depending on which phone you've got. You're gonna want to check that out on your own specific phone. >> Some information could not be imported. The phone book exceeds the supported file size. >> Now I have more than 1,000 entries in my phone book. As you see it took the first 1,000, and that's was it. That's the limitation if you've got a lot of entries; you're stuck with that. You can search as well. But when you do search via this, you don't have any predicative text. Look at the stupid gibberish I'm entering, and it says okay I'll go look for that. And to get rid of your phone book, which you may want to do, you just go through this menu like so. >> The imported phone >> And that's gone. Now to unpair your phone is kind of like pairing it, just different commands. Press the voice button for the phone, setup. >> Phone set up options are pair, edit, delete, list >> Delete. >> Which phone would you like to delete? Press the top button and say a name, or say list to hear the name >> Blackberry. >> Would you like to delete blackberry? >> Yes. >> Preparing to delete blackberry. Press the talk button and say continue. >> Continue. >> The phone has been deleted. >> Okay. Pretty simple. So there's a quick how to on how to pair a phone, unpair a phone, import and deimport your phonebook contacts on this 2010 Honda Pilot Touring, and a lot of similar Honda Products. ^E00:02:59

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