First Look: OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid-state drive
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First Look: OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid-state drive

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Offering fast SATA 3 performance and compatibility, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD makes a very good replacement hard drive for any computer, especially one that has built-in support for SATA 6Gbps.

Hey, guys. Dong Ngo is here and that means we have another extreme product to show you. Don't believe me? Here it is, the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid-state drive or SSD. To be honest, there's not much that's extreme about this drive apart from, well, the word 'extreme' in the name which tend to make me more excited than necessary. So how's the drive? This is a 2.5-inch solid state drive that supports the latest SATA 3 6-gigabit-per-second standard. It also works with previous generation SATA standards and will fit in any application where other SATA drives are used, be it inside a laptop or desktop, Macs or PCs. Like all solid-state drives, the Mercury has no moving parts and is very light. For an internal drive, it's rather good looking which is overkill because you won't actually see it much. Thanks to the housing that's made of aluminum, the drive feels solid and is sturdy. In our testing, the drive offers mixed performance. Compared to hard drives, however, the Mercury is still really fast and will increase the computer's overall performance a great deal. Unfortunately, the drive might not be a great deal itself. It comes in 3 capacities of 120 gigabytes, 240 gigabytes, and 480 gigabytes, that cost around $300, $550, and $1300 respectively. Personally, though, the Mercury is totally worth the fun I've had with it, but I didn't pay for it. For the rest of you, maybe you should check out the full review at We offer you a comparison and so on before making the purchase. If you can afford it, you know what it means when people say you pay for what you get. Once again, my name is Dong Ngo and this has been the First Look at the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G solid-state drive.

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