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OS X on a PC: Computers

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Computers: OS X on a PC

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You can get OS X to run on a non-Mac, but you probably shouldn't. We'll show you why.

>> Well what's this? Oh it's OS10 running on my Think Pad. What? I mean OS10 runs on Intel, so why not? Actually there's a reason why not. I'm Tom Merritt from CNET.com. I'll show you how this is done and why you might not want to do it on today's Insider Secrets. ^M00:00:17 [ Music ] ^M00:00:27 So yes, this is OS10. I know, I've showed you how to make Windows look like Mac OS10 before. But this is the real thing, see? There's a group called OSX86 Project at OSX86-project.org. They've been around for a couple of years and they have a Wiki that tells you how to run OS10 on an Intel machine. Now the problem is Apple doesn't want them to do this. They don't want anybody to do this. So I'm here to tell you the pitfalls of trying to do this yourself. This will break your end user license agreement. Apple doesn't allow their program to run on anything but an Apple labeled computer and no, sticking an Apple sticker on your Think Pad isn't going to get you out of the license agreement. You also need a patch, which may or may not violate the digital millennium copyright act. We'll explain all this as we go along. Forgetting the legal issues, you should also realize you really risk messing up your computer if you don't know what you're doing. So just don't try this at home. Let me do it for you. Here's what I needed. A laptop hard drive, an external hard drive case, and a legitimate copy of OS10. No pirating. This bears repeating my friends. It's one of the reasons people are even objecting to discussing this topic at all. You should not pirate software, okay? If you have a legitimate copy of OS10, it can't be installed on any other machine either or you're breaking copyright. Is that clear enough? We need a couple downloads too. First one is called Mac Drive 7. This program lets your PC read the Mac files on the CD. And I'm going to install that on this Think Pad that's running Windows, different than that OS10 machine there. Once I've got Mac Drive, then I need something to image the OS10 disk with. I'm going to use something called Ultra ISO. This is where we should stop. You can legally make one copy of your OS10 hard drive for back up purposes. That's in the Apple ULA. But to get it to run on an unauthorized machine like a Think Pad, you need a patch. Now you can find a prepatched image of OS10 on the Internet, but that's illegal, it's piracy. A better way would be to patch it yourself. There's a program written by a programmer called Maxus, which can patch the OS10 kernel. Problem is they had to decrypt some files to make the patchwork and that probably violates the digital millennium copyright act. In fact, me telling you where to find the patch might violate the DMCA. So don't do it. Again, go to the OSX Project to learn more about the legalities involved. Instead, let me show you how a patched image would work. I moved my patched image into the root directory of my C drive. Next, I needed forensic acquisition utilities from GMGSystemsInc.com. It's a pretty powerful tool that I used for a mundane purpose, copying the OS10 image, bit by bit to an external drive to make it bootable. However, it's also a useful tool for making that backup image of your OS10 drive I talked about earlier. I unpackaged the FAU files to the C drive right next to my disk image. I had a Think Pad hard drive here in this case. So that's plugged into the Windows machine. It's actually the drive that will go into this machine. So I'm going to take the image and bit-by-bit copy it, using a program called DDEXE from the forensic acquisition utilities and copy the image to this drive. Now to do that, I need to know the physical address of this drive. So I downloaded WMI Tools from Microsoft and I used WMI Object browser to determine that the E drive was actually physical drive 1. See that string there? That's what I needed to remember. Then I called up the command prompt. I typed in the DD command with the name of my image file and the physical address of the destination drive. The drive then began copying the image to the external drive. Once I had it copied from the Windows machine, I just took the drive out of the case, and this is the actual drive I used, I screwed it into this casing that goes into the Think Pad and slide it into the Think Pad. And boot up into OS10. The WIFI doesn't work, but the Ethernet does. And it's a little sluggish, because it's an old Think Pad, but the fact of the matter is, it's OS10 on a Think Pad. It's worth reminding you again, as fun as it is to play around and make this happen, it does break the ULA, and the patch has legal issues. So you're best just to stay from it. Besides, doesn't really run that well on an old Think Pad like this anyway. It's a little sluggish and a little buggy. To be safe, I'm going to wipe this hard drive now and put Ubuntu on it. That's a lot more legal and just as fun. I'm Tom Merritt. That's it for this edition of Insider Secret on CNET.com. ^M00:05:10 [ Music ] [ Background noise ] ^M00:05:13 Once I had it copied from the Windows machine, I just took the drive out of the case, of course I had to screw it into the cartridge case for the Think Pad. Pop it in the Think Pad. [ Period of silence ] Right side up. And boot up into OS10. ^M00:05:37 [ Period of silence ]

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