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First Look: OontZ XL: The poor man's Jawbone Big Jambox

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First Look: OontZ XL: The poor man's Jawbone Big Jambox

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Cambridge SoundWorks adds to its line of value wireless Bluetooth speakers with the larger OontZ XL, which sounds better than competing $100 models.

Hi, I'm David Carnoy, executive editor for CNET.com. And, I'm here with another Bluetooth speaker. This one is a little bit bigger. It is the Oontz XL from Cambridge SoundWorks. Cambridge SoundWorks has been making some smaller Oontz speakers that are very good values. And, this large one is also a good value. It's got a nice, understated design, has a soft to the touch finish, and it has the requisite buttons on top. It allows you to control playback. It also has a built in speaker phone, as well as, USB charging capabilities. You can charge another device using the internal battery on the Oontz XL. This does get about 10 hours of battery life. You can do better if you don't play your music that loud. But, this is really, kind of, a poor man's big jambox. In a $100, it can beat with some decent smaller speakers, such as the JBL Flip. However, this sound on the speaker is bigger, it does offer more base. What I do want to emphasize is this doesn't sound great. It sounds good. It just doesn't measure up with the speaker that cost $250 or $300, such as the Jawbone Big Jambox, or the Bose SoundLink® Wireless. Those speakers are better sounding speakers. They offer more clarity and they're just better speakers. However, if you do wanna get better than some of these small speakers, the Oontz XL definitely has better sound. I'm David Carnoy, and that's the Oontz XL from Cambridge SoundWorks. Thanks for watching.

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