Car Tech Video: OnStar Mobile App
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Car Tech Video: OnStar Mobile App

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At CES 2010, the Chevy Volt gets a smartphone app that actually does something useful.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] >> Hey folks, Brian Cooley here at CES 2010 take a look at the Chevy Volt which we've seen whole bunch of times. That's not why I'm here. This is...this is, a mobile phone app that will go with the Volt when it hits the market. This is called OnStar Mobile and it goes beyond that, oh my God, I just crashed or I locked myself out of the car. OnStar that you know is a very different richer version of OnStar, again, tuned to the Volt which is a range extender hybrid. Remember, powered by electric motor and then has a gasoline engine, very small efficient one, to charge the batteries and keep you going. But, let's check out the app. Now notice what you can figure out on this, connect it to your car via your smart phone, Iphone, Droid, a blackberry, you can take a look at your charge status, right here, it says I'm fully charged. I'm connected right now to a 120 outlet, the most common outlet for example, and if I change this to some different demo modes, you will see that there are different sorts of status indications I might get here. It might tell me that I'm down on power, it's time to charge. When it's time to do that you can tell the car, I want a charge at an optimal time at the best rate or I want to charge right now because I have got to go for a drive fairly soon and I want to do it on battery power. Here's some other functions, let's say, you left the car, and go, hum, did I lock the Volt or not. You can do that right here under the lock menu. Now it says I'm sending an unlock command, over here on the right, I can send a lock command, very simple and again, you get feedback from the network, the car is on the grid just like your smart phone is to give you positive feedback that the action's been carried out. Here's another one I love, right here, this one has both the Start icon and the HVAC icon on it, because you can do both, you can remote start the vehicle and then get the HVAC system going to condition the interior to cool it down, or warm it up. If you're in one of those extreme climates which actually can be a more efficient strategy for a vehicle that's very green. Also you can blow the horn here for warning if you will and down here we have a charge mode panel, I find fascinating. Here I can say, charge only when the conditions are optimal to not tax the grid or to get the best rate. Or up here, I can say, charge right now because whenever the car is plugged in, I want to get juice into it. And finally, let me show you a notification panel, right here, like any good app, you can set the notifications of how it communicates to you. Text me, or e-mail me, when either the charge is fully done or if the car stops charging because someone in my family pulled the plug to plug in a vacuum cleaner or something, what have you, and you can set all kinds of reminders. This is all part of a very broad [inaudible]of connected cars we are seeing here at CES this year and this app very much tailored for the Volt, also vectors in the OnStar Division, the OnStar unit, related to General Motors to kind of create this three cornered hat of technology. I'm Brian Cooley at the International CES 2010. ^M00:02:51 [ Music ] ^M00:02:55

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