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First Look: OKI C3600n

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First Look: OKI C3600n

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The OKI C3600n is neither small nor lightweight, but its quick print speeds and its impressive output quality make it one of our favorite color laser printers on the market today.

[ Music ] >> Justin Yu: Hi guys it's Justin Yu, associate editor for CNET.com here to give you a quick look at the Oki C3600N color laser printer. Now color lasers are a great alternative to ink jets for small work groups or home offices that are looking more for speed than fancy features in photo printing and the fact that this one is in color, lets you print out PowerPoint presentations and graphics with surprisingly pleasing results. Ok, so if you didn't know laser printers have a really long history of being ugly, bland, and ill designed and this Oki is no different. Alright, yeah it's supposed to blend into the work place, so the designers couldn't get too crazy with it, but it basically just kind of looks like a big block of ice right? Well, it's actually pretty heavy by color laser standards as well, so everything you need to operate this printer is on the front face plate area. You got 2 LED's for power and trouble shooting. A power and cancel button as well as a directional pad for navigating through the menus on this tiny little 2 line LCD screen. You get a single sheet input tray inside this fold down panel and the main paper input drawer sits on the bottom. Now that one can hold up to 250 sheets of paper. The top pops open to reveal 4 individual toner cartridges that are actually pretty easy to remove and by our calculations using Oki's high capacity toner prices you could expect to pay about 2.9 cents per page of black text and 5.3 cents per color page, which is pretty fair by today's average printing costs. So on to speed and quality tests; The Oki C3600N did well in direct comparison with other older color lasers. It finished in second place in almost all our tests printing almost 16 pages of full color text per minute. We were also equally impressed with its output quality. Now the black text is as good as we'd expect from a laser printer, so the real witness test here is its ability to print in color and it does so pretty well. Now there's definitely a hint of over saturation in some of the more detailed photos, but overall you won't be disappointed by this color lasers ability to perform. So, I'm Justin Yu and you just took a first look at the Oki C3600N color laser printer. Thanks for watching. [ Music ]

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