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The Buzz Report: Nokia never learns

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The Buzz Report: Nokia never learns

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In the big buzz of the week, Nokia's Lumia 800 gets beat by a thermostat for nerd attention. Plus, the Jobs bio, Netflix's hard road, and political crazy talk.

Hey, everyone, I�m Molly Wood, and welcome to the Buzz Report, the show about the tech news that everyone is talking about. This week, it�s Nokia�s hail Mary phone, Steve Jobs�s secrets at last, and political suicide on YouTube. But first, it�s the Gadget of the Week. The Gadget of the Week is the Nest Learning Thermostat. Yep. Thermostat. But they�re calling it the �iPod of thermostats.� Partly because Nest Labs was founded by Tony Fadell, who led the design team that designed the iPod. Nerd cred. Anyway, the thermostat. It�s programmable, obviously. It�s also networkable over WiFi, and you can control it remotely with a mobile app. You can network several thermostats together and control them all at once. And it has a motion sensor built in so it can �see� when people are in the room -- then, it supposedly learns your habits and can auto-adjust to suit your heating and cooling needs. Nest says the thermostat could knock 20 to 30 percent off the average utility bill -- which is good, since it costs 250 bucks. Best part of all!? Look how easy it is to install!? That�s amazing, let�s watch that again, in slow-mo. Uh huh. Have your electrician on speed dial. OTHER than that, pretty � awesome, um, thermostat. Now, the other big gadget news of the week is Nokia showing off its firstborn child with Microsoft. The Lumia 800 is Nokia�s bet-the-farm smartphone, Microsoft and Nokia are calling it the first REAL Windows Phone. It�s a tricked up N9 with gorgeous hardware, although the specs are just ok -- single core processor and whatnot. The camera will be pretty amazing, 8 megapixels, with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and on-phone editing features, plus HD video capture. And since Nokia never, ever learns, it will debut in Europe for about 420 Euros, with no word whatsoever on a U.S. release. And THAT, my friends, is why the THERMOSTAT is the gadget of the week. In other news this week, the official Steve Jobs biography came out Monday, and it was full of fascinating stories -- not all of them flattering. On the one hand, Walter Isaacson�s biography portrays a cool, counter-culture genius who left an incredible string of achievements and inventions behind him. On the other hand, abusive manager, bad temper, family issues, calculating and more than willing to screw his partners out of money and stock, brittle personality. Stuff like that. But the WORST thing he did, by far, even worse than abandoning his daughter or worse even than the Newton � was that he hurt the feelings of that cute, cute Jonathan Ives, the vice president of design at Apple. In the book, Ives says it really upset him that Steve Jobs would often take credit for his fabulous designs, and GET all the credit for being the only innovator at Apple. Oh Jonny, don�t worry sweetie, we always knew you were the smart one, and WE here at Buzz totally appreciate you. Moving on, Netflix. Sigh. The company�s quarterly report said that after it hiked prices 60 percent, WAY more customers actually canceled their subscriptions than Netflix expected. Like 800,000 of them. Netflix�s stock fell 37 percent on the news, and limped along down there all week. See. And now. I�m not in the stock advice business, and I�m not allowed to buy Netflix stock. But Netflix ALSO reported record revenues, they�re expanding into the UK, and they�re not splitting up their business after all. Calm DOWN, investors. And as for the rest of you? Buy low. Just sayin. That streaming catalog still sucks, though. SPEAKING of panicky investors, even Amazon was down this week after the company reported a dip in profits because it spent a lot of money making Kindle Fires and the rest of the new Kindle lineup. But they ALSO said they�re rushing to produce way more Kindle Fires than they expected, because everyone wants one. And then when they have them, Amazon may take a loss on the hardware, but they�ll sell bajillions of 15- dollar eBooks and also movies and TV shows and magazines with their little one-click genius, and they�ll be printing their own Kindle-branded dollars. But what do I know. Wall Street has done a great job with America so far. And now it�s time for what�s Clogging the Tubes, this week�s it�s the Herman Cain Crazy Train. The Internet went crazy for his most recent campaign video, which features his campaign manager � aka the smoking man from X-Files. So, that was baffling. But THEN, we all realized that he�s been doing this for MONTHS! Go to his YouTube page! Check out the Yellow Flowers video! It�s like a 4-minute video with some guy claiming to be a famous actor and talking about how Herman Cain is great. Except the unknown actor is a total a-hole who can�t drink a margarita without a straw and is rude to everyone around him and isn�t good at his job. At all. so, like � what? How is this HELPING Herman Cain? OHHHH, I get it. He�s trolling America. It�s VIRAL. Smart. Maybe. And that�s the Buzz Report for this week, everyone. I�m Molly Wood and thanks for watching.

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