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First Look: Nokia Lumia 2520: Nokia's Windows RT Surface rival

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First Look: Nokia Lumia 2520: Nokia's Windows RT Surface rival

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The Nokia Lumia 2520 has a 10.1-inch, Full HD display, quad-core chip and the latest Windows RT software to challenge Microsoft's Surface.

I'm Andrew Hoyle for CNET and I'm here with Nokia in Abu Dhabi taking a look at the Lumia 2520. It's the much-rumored first tablet from Nokia packing Windows 8, a full HD screen, and a quad-core processor. The first thing you might notice about the tablet is its design. It has a one-piece polycarbonate body that is incredibly similar to all of Nokia's Lumia phones. If you're already a Lumia owner this might be the tablet to match for the rest of your collection. It has a 10.1-inch display which is full HD which does make things look particularly crisp. It's very bright and seemed pretty bold too, so it should be fine for all your videos and photos. Under the hood it's packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. That's quad-core so it should provide plenty of power. Sadly though it's packing Windows 8 RT and that's the light version of Windows 8 rather than the full version but lets you install all your own apps. So far sales of RT devices from other companies haven't been brilliant, so it's a bit of a surprise to see Nokia going with this operating system. Nokia has loaded up some of its own stuff though including HERE maps and it's Nokia Music that lets you stream playlists of music ad-free. Around the back you'll see a 6.7-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens which Nokia reckons can give very good quality photos as long as you're comfortable using a 10-inch tablet to take your photos and you'll see USB 3 connection and HDMI out for when you want to connect to a big TV. To help with typing you'll also be able to pick up the power keyboard. Now that acts as a case for the tablet as well as giving keyboard and a track pad and an extra battery which gives up to 16 hours battery life in total. If you fancy some Nokia and Window RT action then you can pick the 2520 up for $499 towards the end of the year. Make sure to keep it CNET for all the latest and I'm Andrew Hoyle and this is the Lumia 2520.

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