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First Look: Nokia 808 PureView with 41-MP camera

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First Look: Nokia 808 PureView with 41-MP camera

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Nokia's unlocked Symbian phone would be an odd choice for most Americans, but the stunning camera demands notice.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an unlocked phones but it is available from Amazon in the US will cost about 700 dollars. Now why would anybody wanna spend 700 dollars on this -- well the big dry is the camera. It can technically take photos up to 41 megapixels. But most of the time you're really -- resolve your pictures and five megapixels or eight megapixels. And then use the fancy zooming and that's how you get -- 41 megapixels of information. -- suffice it to say that the pictures on here pretty amazing this is a very unique phone with a theory unique camera. There are also some more creative men on here for the more serious photographer. And a lot with this phone in terms that the camera now what about beyond the camera well. There is the body of the -- Of course the design. The camera does take up a lot of space mostly because the -- on here. Is actually physically much larger than you would find in your regular five megapixel or eight megapixel camera and -- against the camera. -- -- However it does also add a really big not so the phone feels pretty -- in the hand and is a little bit happier. But this is definitely not something -- pockets very easily. The -- comes in the white collar which are pretty much like. -- got a four inch screen on it. Not too small by most standards however I did find that typing on the virtual keyboard very cramped -- -- dispute style keyboard. It runs Symbian bell as -- operating system. If you are familiar with Symbian finance will be a little bit of a bump up from the previous urgent. If you're not familiar with Symbian OS it's going to view offering you a little bit of -- learning curve and think it's very hard by. If you're coming from another Smartphone operating system in your using -- -- up and take some time to re learn what goes where everything opera. There -- -- external features and call out. The first -- with dedicated HDMI out port. Makes it really -- plug into your TV the second -- that the camera does turn into a very bright flashlight. When you pull and hold down on the screen unlock button on its -- Nokia has always been how to occur with an -- there is and it's the on Italy pure view. You can do anything front -- mobile payments also attacked appeared to Bluetooth devices. And various other things they're sixteen gigabytes of storage here on this -- that's pretty -- -- Also -- -- memory spot that you -- Most people I think we'll be interested in the -- because the camera and it is quite unique. But unless -- Symbian by heart month you have 700 dollars laying around for an unlocked phone on an operating system that you're not familiar with -- I -- -- This is great -- you and very fascinating. I'm guessing about her for -- -- the next -- Ailey here.

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