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First Look: Nokia 6133

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First Look: Nokia 6133

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The midtier Nokia 6133 is well-designed, packed with features, and performs well, too.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> Hi, I'm Kent German senior editor here at CNET.com. Today we are going to take a first look at the Nokia 6133. This is a new phone for T-Mobile service. This phone is a lot like the Nokia 6126; it's almost identical in fact, except it has a different color keypad and it adds an FM radio to the feature set. Overall though I think it's a very stylish phone, like the design a lot, flip phone, Nokia doesn't make, still doesn't make a whole lot of these so it is a nice change from the usual candy bar model. Have a simple black coloring on the outside, do have an external display that's pretty big, also bright, and colorful, also works as a viewfinder for the camera, which you can see right up here. The phone does have a unique element, here on this side is a small button, press it, and the phone opens. It is a little bit gimmicky, we are not sure how it would stand out to repeated tests over a couple years, and it actually does cause the phone to open sometimes when you drop it on the floor. Here on the top of the phone, you do have the jack for the charger, key and be a little bit of an inconvenient location since, if you do need to charge your phone when it's open and you're on it, that means you will be holding it like this in the charger cord will actually be coming out of the top. So it may be awkward for some people. Open up the phone, inside you see a very nice internal display, really one of Nokia's better displays, we liked it on the Nokia 6126 as well. Very bright, colorful, it shows all the stuff you need. Navigation keypad, found this a little tricky on the previous phone, it is a little slick, can be a little slippery, overall a pretty good phone, mega pixel camera, music player, Bluetooth, speakerphone and an interesting design. I'm Kent German and this is the Nokia 6126. ^M00:01:30 [ Music ]

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