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First Look: Nokia 2760
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First Look: Nokia 2760

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The Nokia 2760 is far from perfect, but it's fine for occasional callers, and it has a decent camera to boot.

[ Background Music ] >> Hi, I'm Kent German, Senior Editor here at Today, we're gonna take a first look at the Nokia 2760. This is a new phone for T-Mobile service. This is a really basic phone, very simple in design and features, just really best for making calls and that is really best for occasional callers. Although call quality was good, the worst thing I didn't like about, the design. So, it's really best for some of us gonna use the phone from time to time. The phone does come in several color combinations. The T-Mobile chooses the blue and silver colors. It's a nice combination. I like the over all look of the phone. It does have a flip-on design, so it's not the usual of Nokia Candy bar that we've seen for so long. On the front, we just have a camera lens here, there is no flash or self-portrait mirror, and the display down below is monochrome so you can't use it for taking vanity shots and it doesn't show photo caller ID as well. Display is pretty large though and it shows other information like the date, time, battery life and things like that. One thing I don't like about the phone is there are no controls on the sides. There's no volume rocker, no kind of camera button anything like that. So, that's means that when you're on a call and you have the phone on the side of your face, you do need to remove and adjust the volume with the toggle. That's really not convenient. It's just not very user-friendly to have to move the phone constantly and do that. On the top, you have a few ports covered by a rubber flap. There is the charger port and a 2.5 mm headset jack. The internal display is large but it is overly bright, kind of a very washed out, especially when you're getting some of the menus, did find it, some of the icons, they're almost hard to see, not a lot of definition. Also, not best for looking photos, graphics, games, anything like that. The keypad buttons and navigation toggle were fine, keypad buttons felt a little cheap. It is kind of a little bit of plastic and you could feel the plastic on the outside so as a whole, the phone feels just the tiniest tad cheap and not the most dirty phone we've had. And the keypad buttons are a bit large and they do have a large numbers and is brightly backlit. When you're running your finger or you're pressing down a lot, they just feel a little cheap. However, the tog navigation array is this large, pretty user-friendly, the toggle is raised just about the surface of the phone so it has a nice definition. Also the OK button is pretty nice, Talk and End key, End key doubles the Power key. The past Nokia usually has had a dedicated power key, so this is something we're moving for a little bit more. As to the call quality is pretty nice, also good for photo quality for a VGA camera. The phone does have Bluetooth as well. It's nice that we're seeing Bluetooth on a lot of basic phones especially from it was that many places are passing, requiring you to drive and use a hands-free calling. The phone also was a little bit sluggish, using some f the menus, things took a couple seconds to open even something like messaging, which is really basic. Also, the phone is even quite managed by dual-band GSM 850/1900 so that means the phone is pretty unusable outside the North America. I'm Kent German and this is the Nokia 2760. ^M00:02:37 [ Music ]

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