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First Look: Nokia 2600

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First Look: Nokia 2600

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The Nokia 2600 is a simple cell phone with functional features, but its poky performance slows us down.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm Kent German senior editor here at CNET.com. Today we're taking our First Look at the Nokia 2600. This is a new phone for AT&T service. It has a very simple candy bar design, not a lot going on here, very simple shape, clean lines, just rounded edges here, so. The features are also pretty slim. It's just a VGA camera, messaging, speaker phone. So really this phone is just about making calls and sending messages. Main menu system is pretty basic, just simple icons you can navigate through. The display is also a little bit washed out especially on the main menu page, but over all it's not too bad. Keypad and controls, a little bit of a mixed bag. I found the navigation toggle, I didn't like it, it was pretty big and was raised above the surface of the phone. Was really slippery though and didn't like the cheap plastic feel. There is no volume control on the outside, really would prefer a side mounted volume control. Also would prefer a dedicated back button and I would like maybe a dedicated camera button as well, but I understand this is the basic phone. So a lot of couple of those things slide, but the volume control was really needed. On a whole this is a phone for people that just really wanna make calls, maybe to keep them in the glove compartment for emergencies, so very occasional callers, but I think anyone else who wants even a moderate phone functionally will probably disappointed. I'm Kent German and this is the Nokia 2600. ^M00:01:15 [ Music ]

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