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First Look: Nintendo DSi XL

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First Look: Nintendo DSi XL

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The Nintendo DSi XL is the company's latest iteration of the DS, featuring 93-percent-bigger screens and a much-improved viewing angle.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Jeff: Hey, what's going on everyone? I'm Jeff Beckler [assumed spelling] for cnet.com. Today we're having a first look at the Nintendo DSI XL. Can you just tell us basically, why Nintendo went in this direction, going with the massively larger DSI? >> Nate: Well, part of the thought process behind creating the Nintendo DSI XL, is that we wanted to create an enhanced portable gaming experience. And we believe that we've done that in a couple of ways. One of them of course, is the much larger screen. Another thing that you might not notice right off the bat, besides the larger screen, is a wider viewing angle. And what that means is, when both of us are looking at the screen, from whatever angle, we're still going to get the same quality as we would as if we're just looking directly at it. We include the normal stylus, but we also include the pen shaped stylus, that our stylus pen. There's also games where you have to draw. Like the downloadable, Flipnotes Studio, the DSI ware and then the new game that we're coming out with, [inaudible] ware DIY. Where you actually develop your own games and you can draw in and animate your own, your own artwork. >> Jeff: We have the original DS Lite here. Compared to the DSI XL, what are we talking in terms of differences between the two handhelds? >> Nate: Well, the Nintendo DSI XL has a 93% larger screen. The Nintendo DSI XL is more similar to the Nintendo DSI, but it does have more powerful sound coming out of the speakers, because there's more surface area here and also the internal memory information here, is similar to the DSI. Where you have downloadable content, through the DSI shop. You can connect to the internet and so forth. And you'll be used to that same format of being able to use the camera, the internal and external cameras. >> Jeff: Well thank you very much, Nate, for showing us the DSI XL. This has been our first look. I'm Jeff Beckler. Thanks for watching. ^M00:01:47 [ Music ]

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