First Look: Nintendo 3DS
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First Look: Nintendo 3DS

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CNET editor Jeff Bakalar takes a hands on look at the soon to be shipping Nintendo 3DS.

-Hey everyone. I'm Jeff Bakalar for We've got a first look at the Nintendo 3DS. It's right here. March 27 is the release date. It's going to retail for $250. Three cameras on this thing: there's one facing the user; two around back for 3D photos--very cool innovation right there. You've got an SD card slot. Wireless compatibility allows you to play on the go with people around the world, which is really impressive. Over here is the notification LED; really gonna give you a lot of information about what's going on with the 3DS, really is gonna deal with a lot of the connectivity, Wi-Fi base, and also local sort of stuff. This will really give you an idea of what's happening with the 3DS. There's a lot of connectivity that's automated with the 3DS, so there's really not a lot of manual configuration that's gonna have to happen. The 3DS can detect other systems and hook those up automatically, which is really cool. Up front, you've got 4 buttons that we're all used to on DS systems, but on the left of the unit is the analog stick, which is new for Nintendo portables--really excited to see how developers use that. Along the bottom are 3 new buttons as well: the select, home, and start buttons. The home button will allow you to pause mid-game, look into other apps without losing the action that's going in the original game. We're excited to see stuff like that. They've also streamlined friend codes. It's a lot easier now to play with friends. We're happy about that improvement as well. Up top is the 3D screen. We actually have it turned off so it's better for the camera. We're also looking at the Mii Maker software right here. You can take a photo of yourself and the Mii Maker software will configure the character to look like you, which is pretty cool. We've never seen anything like that before. The 3DS is also backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and all the downloadable DSi games. So, we're happy to see that implemented in the design as well. At launch, the 3DS is gonna be available in black or blue. There's also a lot of pre-loaded software including a game called Face Raiders that takes a photo of you and inserts that into a shooting gallery--pretty cool. There's a game tracker. It's an app that tracks all of your progress through games and rewards you. There is a physical mobility monitor, sort of like a pedometer that tracks movement, your physical movement, with the device. That's something we've never seen. Also included is the ability to take 3D photos and view them on the 3D screen. You can also watch 3D videos on the top screen--really impressive stuff. That's gonna do it for us. That's the first look at the Nintendo 3DS. I'm Jeff Bakalar for Thanks for watching.

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