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New York auto show 2014: New York auto show 2014: CNET's editors choose their favorites
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New York auto show 2014: New York auto show 2014: CNET's editors choose their favorites

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It's a wrap for us here at the 2014 New York auto show, but before we go we thought we'd gather 'round and discuss our favorite new cars. Join us for a few quiet moments of thoughtful discussion from the show floor.

[MUSIC] Hi everybody, welcome to the show floor of the 2014 New York International Auto Show. Things are kinda winding down. So, we thought we'd take a few minutes and give you some of our favorites. I'm Tim Stevens. I'm Wayne Cunningham. And I'm Antwan Goodwin. And so, what's, why don't we start with you Antwan? What was your car on the show this year? Well Mi, Mazda made a big deal about the 25th anniversary of the Miata. Mm-hm. And well known that the Mazda Miata is my favorite car. [LAUGH] Mm-hm. So obviously that's gonna be my pick. And then their booth, it was pretty awesome, they had 25, not 25, twenty fifth anniversary. Yeah. They had twelve. Plastic towards Miyata. Yeah. They had the number 14, number 15, and number 16 Miyata. The three Miyatas that were actually at the bay view of the 1989 Chicago. So the actual ones that were on stage. Then they had the 25th anniversary of the current generation of the Miyata, the special edition. Got like a different color scheme, it's got basically a [UNKNOWN] It's a red Miata. But they're only making 100 of them for the North American [UNKNOWN] Cuz there's never been a red Miata before. Well you know. The really cool thing was the [UNKNOWN] chasis and that is a preview of the fourth generation Miata which we should have [INAUDIBLE] being announced any month now, and it showed a lot of really cool things about how the next one's gonna be smaller, it's gonna be lighter, and it's gonna move the engines further back into the vehicle so you can improve the balance of the vehicle. I'm really excited about In the chance that we'll look out and drive the next one. I don't [INAUDIBLE] about that chassy, and I was thinking that didn't Mazda forget some, forget to bring something to the show here? [LAUGH] Didn't forget. One of the wheels was on backwards. [LAUGH] And so the, the techs made a big show of it today. Flipping the wheel around so the trays were facing the right direction. But, I mean, it's just a preview. Someone's getting fired back at, back at Mazda HQ. So that's kind of the si-, similar thing that, that Subaru did for the Impreza launch a little while ago. They showed the chassis of, actually for a long time, they showed the chassis with like, a clear body sitting on top of before they finally unveiled the body and everybody kinda groaned. Hopefully the reaction will be a little more positive [CROSSTALK] Miata. well, I mean the Miaita's been getting bigger over the years Yeah. And heavier, so for them to get back to what they're projecting to be the original weight of the first generation Miata, is gonna be a good thing for the vehicle. It's gonna help it be more efficient and more fun to drive. But with a lot more power. How much power did the original Miata have? [CROSSTALK] The original Miata had, [CROSSTALK] It's under 100 right? Under 100 horsepower Yeah. And they're at a point now where they're at about 170, 180. Well, that'd be a nice upgrade. Yeah. Assuming we don't lose power the next generation. Well, we're seeing a lot of auto makers this year debuting cars with less power Mm-hm. Than the 2014 model years, Mm-hm. But then also saying, hey, wait, wait,wait our car's also a couple 100 pounds lighter. Mm-hm. So, you're getting about the same performance but more efficiently. How about force induction? Doubt we're gonna see that. It's probably gonna be four cylinder, naturally aspirated just like every Miata worth itself has ever been [LAUGH] With the exception of the Mazda C. Which was the turbo charged make that made production. Yeah, they have the engine on that chasis, I was checking that out earlier. I couldn't tell,,,I think it's gonna be direct injection from what I was looking, seeing the head on there. It's kinda hard to tell with that type of, in that type of format. But, you know, that might be something in front of the whole Sky Active technology. Yeah, the whole Sky Active thing is direct injection, lighter-weight components, less friction. So pretty much all of the changes that we've been seeing on the Mazda three, Mm-hm. On the new Mazda six, we're gonna see those on a different scale in the Mazda Miata. I'm excited. I'm excited too. I'm more excited about the Alfa Romeo 4C. Hm. They have that car on the show floor and normally you'd be thinking Alfa Romeo, you know, they're not in the U.S. but I've been seeing this car in European auto shows for the last couple of years and it's beautiful. And the fact that it's here means, is their way of saying, hey, we're gonna sell it here. In fact that'll come out in June And, it, it's a stunning looking car. It's carbon based, they use carbon fiber throughout. Carbon fiber tub, carbon fiber, you know, spoiler, components in there. So, lightweight, actually, the European version is under 2000 pounds. This one is gonna be 2200 pounds for the US market. Which is just, you know, so light for a car these days. Why's ours heavier? I mean. I know we're heavier, but why is the car heavier? [LAUGH] Yeah, I think it's for us Americans. No I think it's the safety equipment actually that goes into it. You know, required airbags, and all the kinda stuff they wanna fit into it to, not only make it fit US regulations, but also make it desirable for people or, they, they, so they don't think they're getting a deat trap. One of the things that I saw that was more desirable is that when it debuted actually, they had those multi segment, sorta insect eye headlights. The one that are on the show floor here have more traditional looking headlights, that actually don't look that bad. And it's good to see that, alpha look that's the sort of like [NOISE] [LAUGH] That people did when the four speed first debuted, and said you know what we're gonna give you a choice. Of having some more standard-looking lights on this little, good-looking car. Yeah, it's a great car, an, and I love that it's just a, little, simple, two-seat, rear-engine car. You know, not a lot of complexity to it's, you know, it's been knocked a little bit for it's simplicity, I think, and the limited interior and everything else. It's, it, it feels a lot like a Lotus I think in a lot of ways, but I think that's a great thing, and it's You know it, it's always been said that if you are a true car guy you have to own an, an Alpha at some point in your career, so This could be the one. This could be the one, yeah it certainly could be. And I'm definitely going to see how it does here in the U.S. I hope they find success. I gotta be honest Phil, I don't know, I don't know how much faith I'm gonna put in there making big, big sales here in the U.S. Well one thing that might hurt amongst the real car guys who are all like into manual transmission now is that it's not gonna come with a manual. It's only gonna come with a I think it's a six speed dual clutch transmission so paddle shifters. Yeah. I mean probably better performance than a manual but I mean everybody now is all about the three pedals. The older I get, the, the more that my left knee starts to bother me, the more I, I become accustomed to the double clutch thing. So maybe that'll work out okay. Yeah. Yeah I sat in that car and it was a, it was a tight fit but it was you know, felt like it'd be fun on the track, fun on. Room for helmets in there? Yeah I think there was enough room. Yeah. I think it depends on how tall you are. Yeah. [LAUGH] I suppose it usually does. [LAUGH] There's definitely that too. [LAUGH] What's interesting is to see them coming, if they're coming back into the US market, coming with a sports car. Mm-hmm. A small, simple sports car instead of something with more, a more of a broad appeal. Yeah. Something like a Julietta or one of their the what's that, the Mito. Something that they can sell for, you know, not a lot of money that you can get actually out on the road and get more people seeing the badge. Instead they're going with sort of exclusive, exotic small sports car. Inspirational product. Yeah although it might be the herald for a lot of Alpha males to follow that's the kind of idea, they want to reintroduce the brand to the U.S. so maybe we'll see the Mito. Which I would like to see that car to, cuz that's actually a pretty cool, nice looking little compact and inexpensive, but [INAUDIBLE] clearly not. So what's your favorite? Yeah, I'm gonna last because I can't really make up my mind. I keep going back and forth, but we're sitting in the GM booth, so I guess I'm gonna go the GM way and go with the Corvette 06 convertible, which was unveiled here. It's,you know, not a lot different from the normal 06, but that's a good thing. You know,normally with a convertible they lop the roof off, then they have to put in a bunch of extra structural stuff and then they. 200 pounds added weight for the motor for the convertible. They're saying this will not be that much heavier then, the the normal G06 which is good. Still 625 horsepower from the ridiculous supercharged V8. They did finally give us a formal time of 0 to 60 time of 3.5 seconds which is pretty ridiculous and it's the fastest car around their test track that they ever made. so, it, it seems like it will be a no compromise convertible. And of course the normal corvette has the target tops so you can pop that off, but This would probably be even better for cruising, but and head room if you are a little bit taller like me and you need to go to the track and wear a helmet. Yeah I like the target top on, on the the coupe version the convertible I was reading about that. They said that the body is so stiff. The chaise is so stiff that yeah they didn't need to make many structural changes to do the convertible. And that's really amazing. I can a believe it, having driven the standard corvette. I mean that body is so stiff, it just handles so perfectly, so well. It's, it's like nothing is gonna, you know, mess it up [LAUGH]. Yeah, yeah, the other car that I was really, seriously considering was the Aston Martin Vantage GT, which is their low-cost $99,000, V8 version of the car. Stripped down interior, very fast. It's got paint schemes inspired by their Lamar Racers which is a little bit loud for the road, but pretty cool. But to be. Yeah. I think the, the Corvette's gonna make some waves. I, I'm, I'm curious to see what the sales quote is between convertible and, and the normal coup. And the sales quote between the 06 and the normal car too. They haven't given us a price on the 06 though which is a little bit curious. They've given us every other spec we can, we can want. [LAUGH] Alright, so I guess we'll wrap things up here from New York, I hope you enjoyed our coverage this year, definitely check out our gallery of all the cars here on the show floor, and let us know what you thought of our coverage, and we'll be back for the next auto show. What's the next auto show? Are we going to Paris next? We are going to Paris, yes. That is in October? The fall, October, so it's really October,yes. So the summer off, and then head to Paris. So make sure your passports are in order folks and we'll see out there in Paris. Again, I'm Tim Stevens. I'm Antwan Goodwin. And I'm Wayne Cunningham. [LAUGH] And we're here in New York. Thanks again everybody. Good, great. That's perfect. [MUSIC]

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