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Apple Byte: New Mac Pros on the horizon?
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Apple Byte: New Mac Pros on the horizon?

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The iPad gets new gestures; rumors for Mac Pros are heating up; and you'll never lie again after our App of the Week skit.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> What's up? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the Apple Byte. It's all the good and bad inside the world of Apple, so let's get to the stories. New gestures are coming to the iPad. Apple recently released the fourth version of the beta for the iPad SDK, and sites like Nine to Five Mac started digging into it immediately. Gestures like a three-finger tap and a long press were found, allowing developers to take advantage of the new capabilities. I'm personally still waiting for tongue-based gestures. Now, in other maxi pad news, people have been speculating that there would be a widget mode or app similar to dashboard on Mac OSX since apps like clock, weather, and calculator are still missing from it. [Inaudible] fireball's John Gruber says it's not happening after full-blown up versions of the apps weren't to the liking of a certain somewhat. [Clears throat] Steve Jobs. So we'll see if they can rework them using the larger screen size before it releases. And just because Verizon doesn't have the iPad doesn't mean they're missing out. And internal memo sent in gadget shows that Verizon is using the iPad launch as an opportunity to push their MiFi service. Now, if you aren't familiar with it, you can purchase a small piece of hardware called the MiFi that connects the Verizon cellular network and then convert to that into a WiFi signal that can then be shared with up to five devices. Sprint also has a MiFi service of their own. Plans start at around $50.00 a month, and you will be locked into a two-year contract. Apple's pay-as-you-go deal with AT&T starts at $15.00 a month, but you'll be paying an additional 130 bucks to get 3G access on top of the standard WiFi version. Now I'm not really worried about the plans because I'm having my sugar mama pay for mine. >> Oh, is that right? Who's -- who's your sugar mama? >> Uh, my mom. She's -- pays for me. >> Oh, that's cool, man. ^M00:01:47 >> All right, let's check out the iPhone app of the week. ^M00:01:51 [ Music ] ^M00:01:54 The app of the week is a lie detector scan. Now, I've been sensing a little bit of low morale and mistrust from a certain somebody on our production team, so I wanted to get to the bottom of it. ^M00:02:04 [ Music ] ^M00:02:08 >> All right, Brian, you're on. >> Let's nail this, dude. ^M00:02:11 [ Music ] ^M00:02:15 Charlie, Charlie. >> What Bri? >> Get this thing off here. >> Bri? >> You know you've been slipping. >> Slipping? >> Yeah. >> Brian, look, I spit shined the teleprompter. >> It's not good enough. >> I got you an extra Apple box so you're as tall as Bonnie Cha. >> I don't care. >> What more can I do for you? >> Well, I got a few questions to ask you. >> Questions, sure. Questions. >> Your loyalty, your heart, where is it? >> Apple Byte, Brian. >> Um-hum. All right, well, let's see what happens, all right? Put your finger on the phone. >> Finger? >> Put your finger on the damn phone. Okay, what's your name? >> Charlie. >> Our technology indicates truth. >> Okay. Have you worked for anybody else? >> Uh, of course not, Brian. I just work for you. >> You sure about that? >> Positive, Brian. I'm 100 percent loyal to the Apple Byte. >> Our technology indicates lie. >> Strike one, Charlie. Oh, this guy's going down. Give him the heat. Charles, we also know that you have been mingling with the enemy. See that guy right there? Bill Gates. Who is that guy right there? Who the hell is that guy? >> That's -- that's Kelly. You work with him. >> That's not Kelly. >> What are -- what are you talking about? That's Kelly Hendricks [assumed spelling]. We work with him. >> Who is that guy? >> Well, that's -- that's -- >> It's you. >> Of course. >> Strike two. Two strikes. You know a little bit about badminton, and so do I. State champion, 1997, Monamista [phonetic] High School. Ring a bell? >> [Inaudible], Brian. >> It is. Then you also know that three strikes. >> Strikes? Badminton? >> That's right. >> All right, Brian. Let's bring it home, baby. >> Charlie, either you're with us, or you're against us, buddy. >> Yes. >> See this apple? I'm going to take a bite out of it, and then it will be your turn. >> Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I'm gonna take a bite out of that apple after you took a bite out of it? >> Oh, yeah. >> Uh, why don't I go first? >> Not gonna happen. ^M00:04:35 [ Biting sound ] ^M00:04:39 [ Music ] ^M00:04:47 So you want this job? >> Yeah, I like -- I like this job. >> You like working with us? >> I love working around the Apple Byte, Brian. >> Then bite the apple. >> Bite -- >> Bite the apple. >> The apple that you bit? >> Do not [beep] with me, Charlie, bite the apple. Bite it. ^M00:05:05 [ Vomiting sound ] >> Get out of my face. ^M00:05:21 Yeah, what's up, now? That's how you write the Apple Byte? What -- >> Brian, what did I tell you? You look ridiculous, man, take that off. >> This thing? >> Yeah, and is that Bedazzled? >> No, no, these are, um, I don't know. These -- ^M00:05:33 All right, let's check out some quick Bytes, shall we? ZD Net is reporting that hexacore Mac Pros based on the core I79ADX model will be coming on Tuesday featuring 3.33-gigahertz processors. It's currently info from a tipster, and it's nothing verified, but this world give the Mac Pro line some real punch. And for all you gamers out there, Streetfighter 4 has finally been released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There's not physical buttons and the touch controls are a little awkward, but it doesn't matter when I can throw hedulkins [phonetic] on you all day, sucker. Yeah. All right, that's gonna do it for this week show. Send me your e-mails to the I'm Brian tong. Thanks for watching, and come back next time for another byte of the Apple. ^M00:06:14 [ Music ]

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