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Apple Byte: New iMacs incoming?

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Apple Byte: New iMacs incoming?

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We have exclusive information on the next-gen iMacs; iPhone 5 rumors keep rolling in; and we'll show you the easiest way to get an iPad 2.

What's up? I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's get to the show. Now, probably the juiciest intel that I personally have right now, I've been told by a source that the next-gen iMacs are en route to the US and they'll be available around the end of April or the first week in May. Now, the iMacs are being shipped via boat, there are no major cosmetic changes, and it will have Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt on the machines. Now, I don't throw scoops out very often, if at all, but I'm highly confident in my source so we'll see how this all plays out and this is also in the timeframe of an expected iMac refresh so if you're in the market, you guys, just wait for it. Now, a recent report from Bloomberg says that Apple is considering expanding its AirPlay feature from its mobile devices to stream content directly to television sets. According to the plan, Apple would license the technology so that consumer electronics makers could use it in their TV sets and other devices. Apple currently licenses AirPlay for streaming audio but not video. Now, it makes perfect business sense because Apple wouldn't have to invest in the production cost for their long-rumored Apple TV set if they can use their devices to throw the same content on web-connected TVs that Panasonic, Samsung, and others produce, so this could be a really smart thing. Now, there continues to be plenty of iPhone 5 chatter and here's some of the latest rumors. A report from The China Times say the iPhone 5 is in its trial production stage with a new metal chassis for improved antenna design. It also says the next iPhone will indeed have a near-field communications chip for an e-wallet service, that's been rumored off and on, and the size of the screen will be expanded with an edge-to-edge glass design that will also pack a dual-core A5 processor like the iPad 2 which developers have already sniffed out. Now, in news that current iOS device users aren't too happy about, many users are complaining about significantly heavier battery drains with iOS 4.3. Boy Genius Report says an updated iOS 4.3.1 should be coming in the next few weeks to address any of those problems you might be having, but there is a small fix that people are saying is helping, so we'll show you how to do it in this week's how-to. If you feel like your battery life on your iPhone or iPod Touch is draining a lot faster with iOS 4.3, here's a way to shut off a service that could be one of the culprits that no one uses except for maybe a few of you, like 3. Now, it's Ping. Remember that social network for music on iTunes that you probably forgot even existed? Well, it still might be draining some battery power, so to shut it off, go to your settings, then general, and then restrictions. You might have a password but here's where you'll find the Ping service and others. Press "Enable Restrictions" and then you can turn Ping off from there. You'll lose the functionality of a service you never use but you'll also save battery life in iOS 4.3. There's your how-to, back to you in the studio. Thanks, me. Now, I've raved about the iPad 2's Smart Cover and Apple knows it's valuable after they've recently trademarked their Smart Cover accessory. The trademark doesn't limit their magnetic magic cover to just cover the iPad, it can also be applied to mobile phones, media players and pretty much every other gadget you can think of. Apple's recent patents have been tinkering with the use of magnets. They've advanced their telephonic MacBook patents with an integrated 3G antenna that would also use magnets to align the antenna piece into place. Now, the big A was also granted the right to use the phrase "App Store" and it's now making sure no one else is. Apple sued Amazon right before the launch of their Android-based Amazon App Store in an attempt to stop them from using the term. Amazon's new storefront that improves upon the standard Google Android marketplace launched without a hiccup. Then Apple went after MiKandi which touts itself as the world's first adult app store on Android. Never heard of it. Now, Apple sent them a cease and desist letter and MiKandi is now known as the world's first app market for adults. Now, Apple says they don't wanna confuse the consumer because, really, we have so much trouble clearly understanding words and thinking that Amazon's Android App Store and MiKandi's adult app store and others are the same as Apple's App Store. As far as I'm concerned, the term app store is pretty generic and thanks SJM friends, we're throwing out the bad apple. Now, on the Quick Bytes, for those of you concerned about the iPod Classic becoming extinct like dinosaurs, there's no need to worry, Steve Jobs responded to a reader saying we have no plans to. Also, users are reporting freezing issues on FaceTime with the iPad 2 and it's not from making or holding disturbing funny faces. And the father of Mac OS X, Bertrand Serlet, is leaving the company to focus less on products and more on science. He's been one of SJ's sidekicks for 22 years which probably can add up on you since the days of working at NeXT and that's where Mac OS X was essentially born. And let's wrap things up on a happy note, guys. Apple has been monitoring its return rates and issues with the iPad 2. You might have experienced the ugly bleeding light issue around the bezel, but one man returned his iPad 2 with a note on it that said, "Wife said no." Apple caught wind of this and did the logical thing, they sent him back an iPad 2 with the note, "Apple said yes." So, now you guys know how to get a free iPad and, in a related story, that husband now spends more time and attention with his iPad 2 instead of his wife in the bedroom. Alright, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send me your e-mails via applebyte@cnet.com <mailto:applebyte@cnet.com> and ask away. I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching. We'll catch you guys next week for another Byte of the Apple.

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