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CNET News Video: New games for the iPod Touch

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CNET News Video: New games for the iPod Touch

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Apple's Phil Schiller demos the latest line of games for the iPod Touch including 'Spore Origins.'

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Steve: This couldn't be more fun. Think about it, 100's and 100's of games to play and I get to pick a few to show you, hopefully, some that you haven't seen before. I'm gonna start with a game that starts up in, just a day ago. You've probably heard about it, it's from EA, a title called Spore. Well, they've brought a version specifically for the iPod Touch called Spore Origins. Now, if you know anything about Spore you know it's a pretty ambitious game. You start out as a single cell organism, then over millennium, evolve your character, all the way up to a space baring race. Though in Origins, it's at the beginning of the game. You're right in the early primordial ooze phase. So, I'm gonna jump past this opening video and go right into the creature creator. The animations and graphics and interactivity is just incredible. So, here I am, this is a petri dish and you may not recognize me, but that's me. I can pinch and zoom and change my character as I -- [inaudible] shake my wands -- can play with its color -- select some different colors. I can play with its graphics and change the textures and designs to it -- maybe one stripes and move those around. So, you create your character anyway you want, and when you're done, you're ready to go out and take on the world. Now, the goal of this game is really simple, it's kind of like life -- eat or be eaten -- that is your goal. So, we're gonna go -- we're gonna jump half way through -- gonna go right into level 15, which is the kelp forest. And, now, I'm controlling my character by tilting the iPod Touch -- try and follow my way around -- watch out for enemies there -- that spiky creature -- gonna try to -- I need to save energy if I want to travel along with the currents. And, I'm looking for things that are smaller than me that I can eat and gain energy and grow -- I just got bitten there -- and your goal is to protect your character and help it grow and evolve -- the more things you eat the stronger you get -- the more you can evolve and add features for the next level, and that's your job, again, it's kind of like life. A little higher on the evolutionary scale, a game from a great European developer Gameloft. I'm gonna go into this game and it's real soccer, or if you're in most of the civilized world real football -- 2009 -- this is a brand new game, it's just starting to ship today. So, we can pick from all different teams, I'm a homeboy I'm gonna pick US. Who should we play against? Any country -- I'm gonna take Italy, some of you may know they won the World Cup in 2007 -- thrilling victory over France. You can pick all different settings for the environment you want to play in, pick your stadium, put what color uniforms you want to be, and let's start the match. Now, what they've done here is really interesting. This game is originally designed for D type player controls, but this is a touch screen so they've overlaid those controls on top plus added a bunch of control ingester features that I can use. So, I'm gonna start my players -- see I can just turn the direction with this wheel -- I'm gonna start by passing, and that starts off my line. Watch this -- I'm gonna draw a little circle and do a 360 move. Totally befuddled the defense -- I'm gonna hold down the 8 key and create strength on a kick. ^M00:03:26 [ Applause ] ^M00:03:37 >> Here's a game you haven't seen yet. This is a game coming out later this year in November from EA, it's one of their tremendous franchises called Need for Speed, and this a version that's brand new coming out later on for all platforms including iPhone and iPod Touch at the same time. Need for Speed Undercover -- in Undercover your job is to transport a package across town avoiding the authorities -- you can pick your ride -- Mustang Cobra -- Oh, Porsche, I gotta go for that Porsche -- there's my car just as we designed it just then. I'm gonna be up against -- who to put me against -- Ah that Nissan GTR -- Godzilla -- here we go. So, now we take off -- I let him get a little lead -- he thinks he's doing great, but I have a Nitro button -- we're drifting on my turn -- yeah. Awesome -- yeah -- kids don't try this at home. And, so, that's Need for Speed Undercover coming this fall, November to iPod Touch and iPhone. ^M00:04:49 [ Applause ] >> Thanks Steve. ^E00:04:55

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