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Apple Byte: New details from iOS 7

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Apple Byte: New details from iOS 7

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Potential hidden features in iOS 7 are surfacing, next-gen iPhone cases are already here, and Kanye West thinks he's Steve Jobs.

-What's up? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. There's still a combination of happy thoughts and a lot of mixed emotions over iOS 7 but that leads to the next question, what will the next gen iPhone really look like? Well, according to Apple insider, accessory makers are already beginning to manufacture cases for the company's rumored low-cost iPhone, using designs believed to have originated from inside Apple headquarters. Now the leaked schematic suggests the low-cost iPhone will be slightly wider and taller than the rumored 5s that appears to have no major design change at all in these drawings. It also looks to be 0.8 millimeters thicker than the next flagship iPhone and the back edges will be rounded off like the iPad classic. Now, the alleged blueprints for the iPhone light shows of a single flash LED while the 5s features a pill- shaped flash that's also rumored to be a dual LED flash for greater brightness. Now, even Macotakara showed off a hands-on with a case from design from MGM that was made based on the leaked schematics. It actually fits the current iPhone 5 but its curved edges are clearly meant for another device. I would also never use a case that uses lime green and doo doo brown together. Now we've seen plenty of iOS 7 and I still like it. I'm a fan. Even though a lot of you started using 4-letter words on YouTube because, come on, I keep it real without the Apple [unk]. There were words like 'yeah' and 'copy' and those can be very hurtful. Now, we still haven't seen Apple release the Beta version for the iPad but that didn't stop my Russian YouTube comrade, Rozetked, who released a video of what he claims is the alpha version of iOS 7 running on an iPad. This hasn't been confirmed as legit but the way he brings up the control center, many of the options like a flashlight or access to the clock or calculator aren't there. Having no flash makes sense since current iPads don't have one. So, either it just isn't ready or Apple is holding back because there might be some iPad specific features in it like electrocuting people when they wanna take pictures. All right. Other images from user Hamza Sood show hidden settings inside iOS 7 that also show off the potential for multitasking and navigation gestures including Edge and Corner Swipes that might be more specific to a larger screen like the iPad as well. And one last tidbit, the Apple TV gets some new software beta love as well, and it's been revealed that the iTunes radio service in a new conference room mode is in the works. That's in the future but recently, the Apple TV received the software update available to all of us that adds HBO Go and watch ESPN to their lineup or services. You still need a subscription to the services through your cable provider to use the apps but it's better late than never and a welcome edition. So, you guys should check that out. All right. Our CNET team finally, finally got a chance to put the new MacBook Air through our test. It looks exactly like the previous one. So, here's the first look with CNET's own Dan "The Man" Ackerman. -I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the new 2013 version of Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air. Now, of course, this looks a lot like the 2012 version even kind of the one before that. The big differences this year are on the inside, 3 main points to keep I mind. The first and most important one is that this guy moves into Intel's new 4th generation core i-Series CPUs. You might have heard of them under the code name Haswell and that means faster application performance although, you know, most consumers don't really need their CPUs to be that much faster. More importantly, you get better battery life. Apple claims that this guy is gonna run for 12 hours without needing a recharge. You also get an upgrade in the wireless to 802.11 ac, of course you're gonna need one of the new faster routers and Apple has this built into some in their hardware as well In order to take advantage of that but it's a good way to sort of future proof your setup. And Apple claims that the flash storage they're using is also faster than previous generation. Even though, it doesn't have a lot of the high-end features that we kinda like, like a retina screen or edge to edge glass over the display or touch screen. It's still one of the most universally useful laptops you can get and now it's $100 less. -Thanks, D. Now, Apple claims there's 12 hours of battery for the 13-inch, but we squeezed out 14 hours and 41 minutes of video playback. It's pretty awesome. All right. On to the Quick Bytes, if you haven't tried it out recently, AT&T is quietly rolling out support for FaceTime over their cellular network and even for those of you on their grandfather unlimited data plan, it was a surprise to me recently so, you know, maybe I should take this back from a year ago. No, I'm not gonna do that. All right, music fans. You'll like this sorry. Kanye West's latest album Yeezus dropped this week. I'm not a fan of the name but it's a super unique sound that I'm feeling but a true Kanye form. He told the New York times in an interview, I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means, I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of internet, downtown, fashion, culture, period, by a long jump. Seriously, I do know one thing, Kanye. SJ never did this. -Kanye. -Oh, Kanye. -Kanye, are you okay? -Are you okay? -Oh. -Man, those [unk] the just sneak up on me like that. -Kanye, are you okay? -And before we go, let's check out our iPhone app of the week. I've got to say thanks to my producer, Jamie, for this one. -You're welcome, Brian. -But you, Apple Byters have to check out Dumb Ways to Die. It's free. It's available on iOS and Android and it's an awesome cartoonist collection of many games that challenges you to do simple task under time pressure to prevent these cartoonist characters from dying. So, you can swat away the wuss or connect balloons to avoid a train. Wait, seriously? I don't get what's so great about this. -Yeah. Chasing the balloons. Got this game. -All right. I am hungry here today. -Yeah. Go, go, go. -Jamie. What is this? -Dumb ways to die, oh. -Dumb ways-- Jamie. -Oh, yeah cleared it. -That is stupid. No one is gonna die like that. Are you serious? -What? Get out of here, loser. -Loser, uh-hmm. Okay. Clean little kiddy games, whatever you say. -Chase the master. -With cheesy Chris. Yes. Yeah. Okay? All right. Whatever. -So many dumb ways to die. -Where is this guy? And I guess Brian is not here now. So, why don't you guys send all your e-mails to the applebyte@cnet.com, and we'll catch you next time for another byte of the Apple. Because she actually gets paid to do this. I don't know. Hey. Where' my cheesy Chris?

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