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Apple Byte: Netflix coming to the iPhone?

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Apple Byte: Netflix coming to the iPhone?

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You might see Netflix on your iPhone very soon, Chuck Norris is my hero, and we dish out three Bad Apples.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> What's up, I'm Brian Tong, and welcome to a show we like to call The Apple Byte. It's all about the good and bad inside of Apple, so let's get to the stories. Now, is Netflix coming to the iPhone? Well, a report from Multichannel News says the video streaming service is coming to not only the iPhone, but the iPod touch and the Nintendo Wii. Netflix keeps pushing its T.V. everywhere strategy where subscribers can already access the service on their PC�or Mac, Xbox 360, Tivo, other set-top boxes and specific T.V.s. Now, Netflix had no comment, but you can bet that Apple will be WiFi only. Now, I love the idea if it happens, so, you know, I could catch up on past episodes of Walker Texas Ranger. >> This is Mexico, Ranger, you got no right. >> I've had got no right? >> No. ^M00:00:52 [ Fighting ] ^M00:00:56 >> I think that's a pretty good right. >> Hell, yeah it is, Chuck. Now I really miss those clips from Conan Brian and it was just an excuse to see one, but we will keep you posed about the Netflix situation. Now what would the Apple Byte be without more tablet news? We talked about how Apple labels and identifies its products in past episodes, and Ars Technica as found a new device in the preferences that will support the latest iPhone 3.1 software. It's now known as iProd 11 and it's an indication that we are getting closer to what ever Apple releases. Now this doesn't mean this is the tablet, but ,at the very least, a new device supporting the iPhone 0S is coming soon. Also it might be time for gaming companies to pay attention to Apple's touchscreen toys. Last week during Nintendo's own conference call, Nintendo admitted that the iPhone and iPod touch, not the Sony PSP is having the largest impact on the performance on it's DS and DSI sales. It's the first time one of the big three in gaming has acknowledged Apple as a real threat to the business and it really didn't happen this year, but I expect we will see a larger iPhone gaming presence at E3 in 2010. New let's take a break from the news and check out the iPhone app of the week. The app for the week is Paper Toss. Come on, how would it not be? It's free, and you will flick a paper ball into an office trash can with three levels of difficulty, but does it improve your real life skills? We put it to the test. >> Check this out. Bam. >> Yeah. >> Bam. >> Aha. >> Jordan. >> Oh yeah, bank shot. >> LeBron. >> Hey, guys. Guys, what's up? >> Oh, you know, we are just playing a little paper toss over here, you know. >> Here, come on, let me show you how to play. >> Are you sure? Alright. >> Ah, get out of here with that cowboy. Go. Go. Get out of here. [Laughter]. What a loser. ^M00:02:47 [ Music ] ^M00:02:50 >> I'll show them. ^M00:02:51 [ Music ] ^M00:03:07 >> Nice form. >> No look. ^M00:03:09 [ Music ] ^M00:03:28 >> Uhhuh, if you learn anything from this video, don't mess with the master. Alright, I pretty much heard enough netbook rumors and you can probably guess what that means. Every day there's a new netbook rumor and the worst offenders are the socalled industry analyst. Now Barrons claimed a veteran unnamed analyst had seen a prototype first hand, and what did we learn? Well, the machine impresses with its display of highdef content and it's a better than average movie experience when you hold this thing in your hands. Wow. Pretty groundbreaking stuff there, guys. Then the next day, Shau from Kauffman Brothers said Apple has bought screen sizes of four, seven, nine, ten and twelve inches over the last two years. You are really covering all your bases there buddy, and predicting Apple will launch at least one but possibility multiple new devices in the near future. These guys like to stay in the news, but I hear a new rumor every day and it's getting ridiculous. So here's some advice, until there is something concrete to say, I would recommended that they shut their pie holes and bite on a bad Apple. >> Ah. >> Alright, now in another bad Apples, several you wrote in about last weeks show telling me that Google Voice is not a voice over IP service but a phone service. And, yes, you are correct. I should have been a little clearer, because I meant to refer to the Google Voice as which might have had a VOIP element, but Cnet was quick to discipline me. This is horrible. I cannot use this. Where is my dock? >> Two more days, Tong. You know what you did. >> You know what? I think I'll pile off here, okay. >> Ah. >> Back to Windows. >> My hand is still tender. Okay. At a launch party a few days ago I met some great people and after meeting Michelle I introduced her to a friend as Mikayla. What an idiot. So, yeah, you guys can throw another bad Apple at me. >> Ah. >> So, I'm sorry about that, but we will be here next week with an all email show for you. So send us your comments or concerns to the Apple Byte at CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong, thanks for watching and come back next time for another bite of the Apple. ^M00:05:36 [ Music ]

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