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Crave: MySpace all over again: Facebook gets GIFs, Ep. 135
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Crave: MySpace all over again: Facebook gets GIFs, Ep. 135

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Shocking news from MIT, where some students made a device that will shock them when they've spent too much time on Facebook. In other Facebook news, is making GIFs a thing on the social-networking site, circa MySpace 1996. Video earrings turn you into a walking television, and Haptix turns any flat surface into a 3D multitouch surface. Ah, the possibilities.

They might have -- -- -- and here's what's up. This week on cnet's crave blog. Have loved Coke is the device built -- Ph.D. students Robert Morrison -- McDuff at MIT. Which -- you when you're on FaceBook for too long. The device is a small keyboard accessory that monitors your application usage. If you spend too much time in a particular website or application it will electrocuted you. The electric shock is described as unpleasant but not dangerous. -- and Jim McLaren is trying to raise 101000 dollars and -- go go to produce video earrings. The video hearings can show videos has slide shows screen savers homemade videos music videos you get the point -- play video. The hearings have a 2.2 inch screen that supports popular video formats and can be loaded in recharge via USB cable. They are equipped with built in speakers and volume buttons -- are currently being offered for fifty dollars on and -- -- Alert alert you can use gifts on FaceBook -- this changes everything -- the it's like MySpace all over again -- -- dot com announced on Thursday that they have cracked the code for including gifts on FaceBook. You can share a gift by simply clicking the post to FaceBook button -- -- copy pasting the code. The only problem is once you've posted the -- to FaceBook places -- play button on the -- of the image doesn't move automatically. Which is about. Once -- -- -- -- I do this I do who want to -- -- I do this idea and it war. -- -- Tactics is a compact 3-D motion sensor that turns any flat area into a multi touch surface it can potentially replace your traditional keyboard and mouse. Have fix was a kick starter project it has already reached its funding goal. So it should be coming out soon you could please have optics over any surface like a messy -- counting your desk pretty much anything. I tracking 3-D finger positions that you complimentary metal oxide semiconductor image sensors in half six. Allow users to -- above the surface in the air. To that -- clicking on -- link is simply a matter of moving your finger up and down. Optics will cost around seventy dollars or last. This 170. Year old sold about balancing itself on one leg was part of an art installation called balance from within. Exhibited at the 2013 file festival in Brazil. Artist Jacob taunts he was inspired by -- relationships calling them -- balancing act and believes that the full range of human interactions can be found on sofa. You -- use to reaction -- which is rotating device commonly used in spacecraft for adjusting orientation when it rotates up senator. He added a second -- so that's a real can correct balance in all directions. The antique sofas held together with strong magnetic so when it falls and it does is breaks apart into pieces that are easy to put back together. And make sure you check out -- celebrity branded tech products that shouldn't exist. Like this Jackie Chan camera -- Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes. These -- simple head -- the list goes on and on check it out at the link. They had six or watching the show is always -- final these. Stories cnet's crave blog crave dot and check out this week's crave giveaway this we created giving weight to tiny white by global storage devices from -- -- this. Store and stream your content across multiple mobile device but the blog and internally. May Kindle touch at home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's it's cheaper than you can tell it's short season -- have to you you so you need to Cogent. I mean she's proven. And we'll the only ooh yeah.
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