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Senior Editor Donald Bell answers your questions about iPods and other MP3 players, along with CNET TV's Brian Tong and his golden shoes.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Alright guys. What's up? Welcome to the Editors' Office Hours. I am CNET TV Editor Brian Tong with my homeboy-- >> Whoo! >> --Mr. Donald Bell, senior MP3 editor. I like, you always do the whole whoo whenever they say you're name. >> I guess I get really excited. I'm sorry. >> Donald Bell. [ Laughter ] >> Whoo! [ Laughter ] >> There you go. Alright guys. Welcome again to Editors' Office Hours and what we do here is we take your questions and really specifically we're gonna be talking about MP3 players, be it music because that's what Donald does, but also because you know we're cool and everything, we want you guys to ask us anything you want as well and we're gonna have some fun here and we're just gonna roll with it, right? >> I hope so, yeah. >> Yeah. You hope so? >> Yeah. >> Okay. >> So, we'll start off. We already have some questions going on. Do you want me to help you out to get into the-- >> Yeah, thanks for reminding about that. Alright, so over here. >> We want a lot of questions, so. >> Over here on the top right hand corner you have a box to submit a question. Just throw us and shoot your questions out to us. We will get them, we have a queue and we'll be able to answer them and also, if you don't have an account with CNET, it'll just prompt you to create like a username, a password and your email address really quick, really easy so you can participate and be a part of this little-- >> A part of this magic. Yeah. >> Let the magic happen. Let the magic flow. >> Alright, we're gonna start off with the first question. The first question is from Freedom Zero, he's asking, "Is it worth spending 400 bucks on the iPod touch? I wanna use it for videos and podcast? Also, is there a way to download podcast using WiFi rather than having to go through iTunes on the Touch?" I think it really depends on what you wanna do. It sounds like you're mostly interested in videos and podcast, probably also video podcast. The Touch is really good for that, but it's not gonna be the only way to go, especially if what you're really wanting to do is download your podcast directly over WiFi. Right now, the only MP3 player I know that does that is the Ibiza Rhapsody, player by Haier, which is kind of a boutique MP3 player, but there's no legal app for the iPod Touch or the iPhone that will let you do that. There was one-- >> The Podcaster. >> Podcaster. >> Yeah, he's touching upon a developer that created this Podcaster app that would allow you to download podcast directly but Apple essentially said-- >> Apple put the kibosh 'cause they thought it competed with their own features too directly. So maybe eventually Apple will relent and allow WiFi downloads for podcast on the Touch, to the iPhone, but right now they don't. Is it worth 400 bucks for the Touch? I think the Touch is a great way to go. I gave it the Editors' Choice seal of approval. Bam! And you don't have to spend 400 bucks, but if you want the higher capacity, you're gonna do that. >> Yeah. That's an excellent little toy and it's super thin, sleek and sexy just like every other Apple product tends to be. >> Yeah. It actually, I think, it feels better than the iPhone. It's such a really well done product 'cause they didn't have to make it as plasticky to get all the different antennas, GPS antennas and 3G antennas. So it's a great product. >> Okay. Cool. Excellent. Now, next question is from Adam B. Lee and he asks us, "Do you think we'll see a 64 gig iPod Touch on Macworld 2009 or will we have to wait 'til next fall?" >> What do you think, man? >> Well, here's what I think. So first of all, we're talking about Apple's cycle of releasing products. >> Yeah, you know that better than I do. >> Yeah Macworld, obviously is like, it tends to be typically more consumer-based. Now, there's rumblings that they're already gonna release MacBook and MacBook Pros pretty soon potentially like somewhere in October. If I had to guess what if they were gonna do a 64 giga Touch at Macworld, I would say it's kind of likely reason being. You don't think so at all. [ Simultaneous talking ] >> No, no, no. Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay, alright. >> Yeah, lay it out and then I'll smack you down. >> Okay. Well maybe because they don't even have the 64 card yet but anyways, at Macworld, I really think you'll see a new improvement in the iLife software package. They always update the consumer level package there. >> Sure. Well, it's not iLife anymore though. >> Isn't it iLife? Is it still iLife? >> Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. I'm sorry I was thinking about Mac. Yeah, about Mac. Go ahead. [ Simultaneously talking ] >> Alright, let's not even get there. >> And then-- >> We got a long time to go here. [ Laughter ] >> Because we're doing the MacBook and MacBook Pros pretty soon, I actually, for some reason, my gut tells me that they won't update the MacBook Air yet and potentially because they released the MacBook Air a year ago at Macworld. You might--because we don't, you know--you might see a little MacBook Air action. The more I think about it, you're probably right about the Touch not being touched. >> Yeah. [ Laughter ] >> I think you're right about the Air because it is kind of like when they first released the iPod Touch, they didn't give it the full weight that users really wanted and then they kinda started rushing in with improvements to it and upgraded the software. So I think the Air is kind of the product for them right now but as far as the 64 gigabyte Touch. >> Talk about that. >> They kinda did this already, right, where they released the higher capacity, 16 gigabyte Touch before they did came up with 16 gigabyte iPhone right? And right now, we've got 32 gigabyte Touch and still only16 gigabyte iPhone. I think we'll probably see, maybe we'll see, more likely we'll see a 32 gigabyte iPhone and then we'll see a 64 gigabyte Touch but. >> All in here. [ Laughter ] >> Alright. >> They could do a 32 and a 64 at the same time. >> No. >> No, meaning 32 iPhone, 64 Touch to keep them still on separate levels. >> No, I don't, I don't think so. At least that's not their pattern. >> I'm gonna to stop that. I know. Okay, cool, you wanna do the next question then? >> What is the next question? >> Is it from Freedom? >> I don't even remember now. >> Oh here, let's go with Masane [phonetic]. >> Masane. >> Masane. >> Alright, Masane I'm gonna take your question. Is it going? Okay, it says, "Hi Donald, I'm from Nepal my brother is in the US sending me an MP3 player. I'm confused about the Touch, Zune and Classic. Since WiFi is not easily available here, I won't be using the internet much, which one?" I would say if you're not gonna be using the internet much or if you're not gonna be around WiFi much, 'cause you still can't really get internet on the Zune, I would probably go with the Classic just because you can get so much better battery life. There's a lot of cool features on the Touch that work with the WiFi feature like streaming internet radio and doing a lot of cool stuff with like maps and --but if you're not gonna be around WiFi, a lot of the Touch's cooler features aren't gonna be useful for you. The Zune is a great product but again, there's--these new generations of Zunes are coming out. Some of their cooler features are taking advantage of the WiFi and again if you're not gonna be around it, it's not worth it especially since the battery life of the Zune is gonna be almost half that of what you get in the Classic. So the Classic is great value. You know I'd go with the Classics,120 gigs for 249 so the price per gig is better than anything else out there except for, you know, the Zune version of the Classic which is 120 for the same price. But yeah, I'll go with the Classic. It will go for a long time. You'll get a lot better accessory support for the Classic, there's the one. Question done. >> Time's up. >> Time's up, next question. >> And also, like you're saying, it's really, the WiFi features is what's taking these MP3 players to the next level and if you don't really have access to an internet location it, you know, it cripples them and what not so. >> Yeah. Okay. No, I agree but yeah, I think a lot of these features get packed into MP3 players such as Bluetooth and WiFi, it really take their toll on battery life so sometimes they're not worth it. >> Okay now it looks like people are also asking the questions within the chat so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a question. If you could look at the chat and see if there's anything that you can address off the top of your head that will help. But really guys just submit that question up in that right hand corner box, again, anything. Andrew Major asks, "Can I ask anything?" You can ask us anything. What we ate for breakfast? What song are you listening to in your car ride over here? Okay, here's a question that--I'm actually, hopefully interested to hear both. >> Major doesn't wanna undo me. [ Laughter ] >> Okay, here's a question from Mr. Dig Dug. "Sarah Palin, crave or do not crave?" And this is obviously if you watch the-- >> That's in Crave territory, that's yours man. >> Yeah, if you watched we do podcasts or I do podcasts. Donald Bell has been on it called Crave where we're talking about some quirky fun gadgets. It depends on what you're asking like I'm not gonna get into a political debate here. But I don't know if you've--did you get--have you seen those kind of rumored photo shop pictures of Sarah Palin holding like, the like the AK-47? >> I don't go to the same websites you do, man. No, that's all yours. >> It's totally legit. >> Yeah, okay. >> That was a craveable pic, okay. But you know, I'm not into the whole cougar thing so I'm gonna have to go do not crave. >> I love how--yeah, I love how this MP3 [inaudible]. >> That's what they asked-- >> Alright, yeah, I don't think they asked for your cougar opinion about that but-- >> Yeah, crave or do not crave real quick because it looks like you're gonna answer something maybe. >> I'd go to do not crave. There's nothing craveable there for me. >> Do not crave and he's a married man. >> Yeah. Come on, why are you coming at me with that question? Alright, what else are we doing? >> I don't know. They want us to look at the chat. How about, do you wanna take another question? >> Yes. >> Then hit the "take question" button and then I think they'll see it, you know-- >> Alright, we did the 64 gigabyte IPod Touch question, we--where are we going up to? Andrew Major's question is coming up next. "This is a cool show. I'd never seen it. Can I ask a question about anything?" You already took that actually but yeah, you can. "Donald, are you considering splitting your hair ala Brian Tong? >> Allen Small, Allen--it's either Allen Smallen or Allen Smallin. >> I haven't considered it but right now my hair more than ever is going gray. So maybe genetically it might naturally happen and then I'd, you know we'd be-- >> You know, bring a little--you know, I see a little salt and pepper in there why won't you give it like Anderson Clinic in Silver Street. >> I kind of--I have a stripe on my goatee actually if anything so maybe that's what it is. >> Oh that is funny. Okay, should we answer an MP3 related question? We probably should think about that. >> Yeah. >> Okay, let's do that. Oh, the next one. "Can you jailbreak an iPod Touch like the iPhone to use unapproved Apple apps?" You absolutely can even though the current generation of the Apple iPod Touch is jailbreakable. The benefits to that, you can be able to run apps in the background so there's some cool apps for jailbroken iPod Touch that make it a little bit more useful like there's a--and I'm probably getting into dangerous territory talking about it--but one of the cooler apps for iPod Touch, for the jailbroken iPod Touch is the Last.fm internet streaming application which can run in the background and actually actively scrabble the tracks you've listened to on your iPod Touch as you played them, instead of having to wait 'til you connect the back up to iTunes for the scrabbling to have in there. So if you're Last.fm fan that's kind of a cool feature to use. It's only available on the jailbroken Touch. >> Okay, for some reason maybe I read it wrong, but I thought they might have released it just like within the past few days for the actual iPhone. Maybe I read it wrong. >> No, no. There is a new update. There's an updated version 2.0 for the iPod Touch. >> I'm sorry, jailbroken? >> No, no, no. For the unjailbroken iPod Touch or the iPhone you can now get version 2.0 of the Last.fm software which is really cool and much better than version 1 that they had out there. Actually, I just got them reviewing it so, this is really cool but it can't do the act of scrabbling of the tracks as Apple which is not gonna let applications from the background. >> Got it. Got it. Okay, well there you go. >> But there's other cool stuff you can do with the tools. It's worth track--checking out. You can always go back if you don't like the jailbroken iPod Touch. >> Okay. Let's jump up. Do you see here Mr. Super Reviewer? Do you see that at all? >> No. >> Give me the refresh. It's alright. Okay, so this question probably you'll be able to answer this better potentially. This is from Mr. or Mrs.--you know, we gotta be equal here, right--Super Reviewer. "Is there an easier way for me to import Windows Media Player playlist onto my Zune?" >> I don't think there is. No, I think that's probably--it might be better now. I haven't tried it. In fact I'm working on a review of the Zune software this week. So that will be something I'll look out for but I think that was a big upset for the Zune community, especially when they remodeled their version 1 software to the version 2. They ditched playlist support altogether for a little while and then they brought it back but I still don't think it's easy to export playlist from Windows Media Player something like that and bring that into the Zune software. I'll check it out though that I could be wrong. Please correct me in the chat room if I'm wrong. >> Okay. Actually, I like this question because it will segue into something a little later but let's take that question from B. Blande or B. Blande. [ Laughter ] >> "Guys, any theories on why most iPods are still without WiFi?" >> I have a theory but let's hear yours first. >> Well, I think that they're pretty in line with the Touch. I think the Touch is the perfect place for it especially, since if you're getting WiFi and MP3 player, why not get a full web browser in there too. Cramming in a web browser into a Nano or to a Classic just doesn't make any sense. Plus you're gonna want the third party app to take advantage of the WiFi too and that would probably be hard to implant on a smaller device like a Classic or a Touch. Plus, right now, one of the Classic's best assets is that it has like really long battery life. Like I was saying earlier, as soon as you put WiFi's or some kind of a wireless technology in there battery life just tanks so. >> And another thing from a product standpoint, no matter what a company's gonna want to diversify their product line to have like entry level, mid level and high level. So even if let's say they all have big enough screens it--from a product company standpoint, it may not make sense to put WiFi in every product because then what will make Josh, you know not you Josh Mo [phonetic], but you know person A just get, you know, they want someone to keep on making those incremental jumps and you know having the WiFi on the kind of higher end product of their flank, of their line makes more sense. >> Yeah. And again if you wanna check out a product that's a lot like the iPod Classic that uses WiFi, you can check out the Haier Ibiza Rhapsody. It almost looks like an iPod Classic from an alternate universe that's like a square pad. But it uses WiFi and uses it with subscription music service which makes the most sense 'cause you can update your subscription tracks on the fly. >> Excellent. Okay now, Donald obviously, he does videos here as well. >> True. >> So, can you kinda give us a little segue into this video that you have done about the new Nano? >> Yeah sure. I just wrapped out a video, an Insider Secret video that details exactly how to set up Apple's new spoken menus feature for the iPod Nano which Apple has only introduced with the iPod Nano. It's a great feature for people who have vision impairment so that when you're browsing the Nano, the many selections and the song selections that you have will actually speak to you over your earphones with a synthesized voice. So check out how to do it. >> Let's see it. Roll. >> MP3 players are one of the most popular ways to enjoy music these days but if you're one of the millions suffering from vision impairment navigating through your music collection using a scroll wheel and small type on a tiny screen, this isn't convenient. I'm Donald Bell and on today's Insider Secret we're going to explain how to get spoken menus on Apple's fourth generation iPod Nano. ^M00:15:15 [ Music ] ^M00:15:25 [ Background music ] >> Fourth generation Nano is one of the lightest, slimmest and most affordable iPod MP3 players you can buy. It's also the first iPod to include a spoken menus feature that reads selected menu and track-listing information to you in a synthesized voice. >> Extras, videos, music. >> To enable this feature, connect your iPod to your computer, launch iTunes 8 and select your iPod from the left pane. The main iTunes window should now be an overview page for your iPod with a few checkbox options near the bottom of the page. Check up the last option marked "enable spoken menus." It will take a few minutes before the feature takes effect because iTunes needs to read all the menu and song data from your iPod then it generates to synthesize voice cues locally on your computer and finally, it associates those voice cues back to your iPod. The upshot of the system is that you can change the speed and tone of the voice using your iPod's spoken menus by tricking the voice settings on your computer. [ Inaudible ] >> To change the default voice on Windows XP, go to settings on the start menu, select control panel, and then select speech. By default, Windows users only have one voice called Microsoft Sam, but additional voices can be installed. We found a few free ones out there but many of the better voices run about 35 bucks atop. Under voice type, there's also a bar to define the speed of the voice. Mac users have it a little easier when it comes to voice options. Over 20 voices are included by default on a Mac OS X, although some of them are a little silly. [ Music ] >> You can find your Mac's voice settings by going to the system preferences from the Apple menu and locating the speech icon. Same as Windows, you can adjust the type of voice and the playback speed. In theory, iTune should detect when you've made changes to your computer speech settings and reload your iPod Nano with new voice files the next time it's connected. However, in Windows XP, we can only get the new voice settings to take after doing an iPod from where we store through iTunes. On your Mac, system voice changes seem to take immediately. We imagine most folks won't be changing the voice settings too often, but it's good to know that if you have a favorite voice you like to use, there's no reason you can't load it onto your iPod Nano as well. After enabling spoken menus through iTunes, you should be able to hear the voice cues on your iPod right away. If you don't, check the settings menu of your iPod, click on general, and you should be able to find an option for turning spoken menus on and off. Knowing where to locate your iPod settings, your spoken menus is also useful to people who don't suffer from vision impairment but want to temporarily take advantage of the feature while driving so you can browse your music files without taking your eyes off the road. So there you go. That's how to get spoken menus on your fourth generation Apple iPod Nano for CNET.com. I'm Donald Bell. [ Music ] >> Okay, welcome back. >> Whoo! >> I didn't say your name dude. Okay, now we just wanted to address a few things. When people are looking at our room or our set, they were like it's so bland and I first called like the Max [inaudible] room >> Yeah. >> But we've added a few touches. Do you notice the blue lighting in the back? And we have like this kind of cool Darth Vader asks CNET logo poster. >> Yes. It's looking a little more dorm roomy now. >> Yeah, you know, you know, so gotta get a lava lamp. Actually, I have lava lamp on my desk. I should bring it here next time. >> No. [Laughter] Don't do that. >> Okay. Again, keep your questions coming. Pop 'em up in that box on the top right hand submit question box through and we will take care of you. We've been looking at so long, so we'll jump right back into it. >> Yeah, we've got another like 10 minutes or so to keep doing it. >> Just 10? >> I know. Now, don't touch me. [Laughter] Alright then. So we've got another question. This one is from Deck Jee [phonetic]. It says, "Hey, I'm coming home to the US for Christmas. What do you think I should get an iPod Touch second generation or a Zune 120?" And this is the cracks I think of the Christmas MP3 player buying decision right here. And this is a cap on answer but it really does depend on what you wanna do. I mean, the second generation iPod Touch is a killer player that does a ton of stuff. But you're not gonna get the same storage as you gonna get on the 120, so you if you have a big music collection and you wanna take that with you, the 120 is gonna be definitely better way to go or and this is why--I've had the Zune 80 for the past year now and I really love using the Zune Pass music subscription service. So if you wanted to start diving into that as something that the iPod can't give you, the Zune 120 is definitely a good way to go with lots of storage, especially within the channels feature they have on the Zune. You can just download crazy amounts of subscription music tracks and listen to that so, definitely worth the shot, if you haven't tried the Zune before to take a look at it. But I think all in all, if I had to choose-- >> Yeah, and let's say you don't--you didn't even own the [simultaneous talking]. >> Choose or die. >> Yeah, right. >> Choose or die. >> Then I would go with the Touch. >> Oh, okay there you go. >> Yeah. >> There you have it straight from the Bell's mouth. [ Laughter ] >> Okay. Next up, we have a question from GDH and he asks us, and definitely please help me on this. "What are your first thoughts of the Google phone?" So right off the bat, there's a lot of things to love about it. I think there's also a lot of flaws to not love about it. You know, it's gonna be a competitor to the whole iPhone market, obviously. I like the fact that it is open source so they're gonna be a little more lenient or let developers play with it, have fun with it, be creative and do essentially whatever they want. And it's funny because today, Apple kinda responded by the taking down the NDA for developers. >> Right. >> So that they could kinda interact with each other and talk about, you know, maybe issues they're having with developing apps and they could kind of at least be a little more open-- >> 'Cause they're--yeah. >> --about the developmental process. >> Right. >> Which is huge, so Apple is kind of reacting to what people said, but back to Google phone. >> Yeah. >> I do like the fact that it is touch screen and it has a keyboard because I love the iPhone's touch screen but you still can't replace that touch screen. >> Yeah. >> At the same time, I think the Google phone is still a little ugly. >> Yes, there's nothing sexy about it. >> Yeah. There is that--and then the big thing that everyone's been whining about is the fact that there's no actual 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. It's a USB port with an adapter. How do you feel about that? >> That kills me. That is so horrible. I mean, not for everybody. >> Yes. >> But I think especially for, in this modern day with everyone trying to outdo the iPhone, to not include a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. It's actually good for me. It's good for my job 'cause it means people are gonna have the MP3 players too. [Laughter] They're not gonna completely abandon MP3 players and go for phones, but I think that is ridiculous. >> And what's even more ridiculous is they have a partnership now set up with the Amazon Music's Store-- >> With Amazon so you can download music. >> --to download music but they don't even put a 3.5 millimeter jack to really say, "Oh, we'll make it easy for you." >> And this is the same kind of thing that makes people play their music over their speakerphone. So, they're blasting the music over those really crappy speakers on the bus. >> Yeah, and then I mean we could talk a lot about it, but one last thing is I don't like the fact that the Google phone does not currently, and they haven't said they will, have the ability to sync to your desktop and really if you want your emails, contacts, and information like that, you have to live in the Google world. >> Yeah. >> Where at least with the iPhone, sure it syncs through iTunes but you can pull like, you know, your contacts from Entourage and other sources whether you're on a PC or a Mac. So, that kind of limits it there as well. So, I don't know there's our little spiel 3.5. Why'd you have to do that to us? >> Yeah, not really. That's a deal breaker for me. >> Okay. Cool. Did you see any other questions that you like? >> See. I'm going through them. "Hey, I'm looking for a laptop." Sorry, I'm not gonna be answering laptop questions. Well, there's one up here about who makes the best in-car FM transmitter? From Presky Man. So I'll answer that one 'cause that kind of opens up an interesting topic which is the fact that really if you're gonna get an excellent in-car FM transmitter, you're gonna have to go grey market because-- >> Grey. >> Yeah, so with black market or whatever kind of market, whatever the non-proper market is, because there are a lot of restrictions on US-made or US-sold in-car FM transmitters. They've really powered down how like well these things can work in the US. >> That has to do with FCC regulation. >> FCC regulations, it can't broadcast on like the 89.7 channel. It's usually the most clear FM channel that you can broadcast over. They're underpowered, but if you get out of this country, you go buy them in Mexico or you buy them on eBay or something like that. >> In Germany. >> You can usually find these ones that break FCC regulations and, you know, are technically illegal but they work really well. So that's kind of the answer to your question. Other than that, every other FM transmitter for your car use is really throttled back in the same way that all the competitors are. The only kind of say--the thing I'll say about that too is that if you do get those ones, I think DLO makes a really expensive but really elaborate in-car transmitter. [ Simultaneous talking ] >> Yeah. Plugs right into your cigarette lighter port. And because it has so much--the body of the unit has so much area, it actually works as a better antenna. So you can kind of transmit better inside your car. But, there's a lot of money to throw at in-car FM transmitter. Go grey market. >> Go grey or go foreign. >> Yeah. >> Go foreign. Alright, cool. Let's see, what else do we have here? I'll just take this one because I've actually played with this game pretty good. It's another question. I'm sorry we're trying to get different people but this one's from a Presky Man. And he asked, "Why did Star Wars: The Force Unleashed suck so bad?" Are you a gamer that much? >> No, not much but I actually was upset about the trailer about that. >> Okay. What did you think about when you first saw it? >> It looked awesome. [ Laughter ] >> It looked cool. >> Yeah. >> And, okay. Here's my 2 cents on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 'cause I have played it. >> I mean I'm a Star Wars nerd. >> Yeah, exactly. >> So, it looked awesome. >> So you are likely attracted to the fact that-- >> Yeah. >> You know, you can throw people. You can, you know, you can like manipulate items and throw them across, but I just think the mechanics of the game were really fun at first but the game itself didn't keep you captivated enough. It's like all these and you have all these killer kick-ass powers. You can, you know, do the whole emperor's electricity. You can force push. You can throw things around. You have some cool lightsaber moves. But, the progression of like, you know, sometimes I like games where they kind of limit your powers first and you get stronger and stronger. >> Right. >> And they kind of do that in Force Unleashed but it's not as a--it's--you pretty much are all powerful right off the bat. >> Bummer. >> And the story doesn't keep you that engaged. So I'm not--people that don't care about that, I'm sure most people like Star Wars, but don't care about that game. We'll stop there, but I still wanted to take care of Presky Man, alright? [ Laughter ] >> Thank you. I'm sure he appreciates it. >> Yeah. I'm sure. >> Let's see. A question from Igor TRX. >> Igor. >> Sorry, Igor. >> Igor, you think about iTunes, iPods. >> No, there's a joke there so I'm okay. [Laughter] "I have a Zune 80 gigabyte, my screen is cracked. I called them, but they said I need to locate a third party store to fix it. I've looked everywhere and can't find one. What should I do?" I think, is it iPod Fix It? It's not [inaudible] now? Another instead of breakdown of the Zune where they splayed it open and put out all the parts-- >> Is your internet talking? >> No, I don't think it is, man. Actually it must be. >> Oh yes, since you're getting questions? [ Laughter ] >> Yeah. That was not iPod Fix It, I'm trying to think of what it is, but you can't get third-party parts. I thought I'd be able to answer this right off the bat, but I'll have to--I'll have to answer later in the forums or something like that. But you can get a replacement screen, they do exist. >> Okay, excellent. This question is from somebody--I can't--Somebody LD, Load Me? Somebody LD Me and the question is, is it worth--and we can both talk on this. "Is it worth it to buy a new iPod Touch or buy a new iPhone?" And to me, the simple answer to that is, do you want to have your phone and iPod in a single device? I mean, that's really the difference between the two, they have all the WiFi features in them, but do you wanna use your device as a phone? And if you don't and you kinda want to keep them separate, maybe your cell phone plan is a, you know, you don't wanna cancel your cell phone contract and pay those 200 dollars but, I mean, it's really just--to me, it's the phone. >> Yeah, this is between the Touch and the iPhone? >> iPhone, yeah. >> Yeah, I think that the Touch, like I said earlier is a really, is actually a better made device than the iPhone is. You'll probably keep it around longer, people typically cycle through their phones a lot faster than they cycle through their MP3 players. So you'll probably own it a lot longer, the cost that you lay down over time is gonna be a lot less and I think--Yeah, I mean the other upside to owning the iPhone is that some features like internet radio like Pandora or something like that, you're gonna get on the iPhone. >> Using 3G. >> You can use the 3G, so you can use it in the car, you can use it in other places where you're tied down to just WiFi with the Touch. >> Also, I mean, if they really wanna, if they're an exercising-type person, the iPod Touch does talk to the Nike FIT system. >> Yeah. >> And there are actually a lot of people that use that. So if you are more athletic, running type person, you know, that might be a compelling reason why. But all those things that you've talked about are right on the money. >> Well there's also, there's a philosophical difference too like the reason I don't really want to own the iPhone is because--and this is kind of a music phone issue in general for me but it's also preserving my job. I don't really want a music phone. But I don't like the idea that, you know, a phone call could interrupt me listening to music or that I'm gonna have this device that I consider--like I kinda don't like mixing business and pleasure. >> That's kinda interesting, yeah. >> Like my phone is kinda where I make my calls, you know, I check my RSS reader, I check my email and I don't really wanna mix that with something, even though I like the appeal of consolidating devices. >> You like to keep them in security-- >> I like the separate world, right? I like the purity of my MP3 player. >> So you're not the type of guy that checks your emails from work at home. >> No, no. [Laughter] Not in my phone, no. >> No, no, no. I mean, it's just separating work and play, you know, you kinda like to keep those two realms separate. >> Yeah, I like the idea of having a device that's just there for entertainment. >> Yeah. Okay. >> That it's not gonna--business isn't gonna intrude on it. >> Okay, excellent. So hopefully we helped you out there. >> Okay. And I'll go back to the other question about Zune repair. >> Oh yeah, definitely. >> It's rapidrepair.com that has the Zune repair parts. So rapidrepair.com, scroll down on the left hand side, halfway through you can see Zune repair parts for the 30, 80 and 120. >>Okay. >> That's where you can get your replacement screen. >> So, it looks like we'll take one more question. Is that right? Is that okay? >> Yeah, sure. Okay, we're gonna take one more question because it is 12 o'clock. We're actually giving you a little bonus time. >> Do we have like music that plays this out? [ Laughter ] >> I don't know, we can sort some-- >> Sad music-- >> Well, I like to sing. [Inaudible] >> No, let's not do it. >> Okay, let's check this out. Here, this one's pretty straightforward. "When I upgrade to the new iPhone, will my current iPhone work like a Touch?" And I know this first hand because when I upgraded from the original iPhone to the 3G, that iPhone, I was still able to, you know, play music from it. I could still get podcast on it. So essentially, it becomes a Touch. It does have the WiFi access but you know, obviously no 3G 'cause there is no cell phone service. So, the answer for that is, yes, I was charitable enough to actually give my original iPhone-- >> Oh, what a guy. >>--to my sister. >> Oh. >> But the original iPhone does have that headphone jack though. [ Laughter ] >> They still have to have the weird little Donald that pops out of the headphone jack. >> That's true. [ Simultaneous talking ] >>--that was garbage. But I did find it hilarious how when they announced with the new 3G that is was no longer resets like the crowd went-- >> Oooohhhh! >> Like it was mass hysteria. >> Yeah. It's silly. >> What are they doing? >> But now look at the Google phones and maybe people should be happy. [ Laughter ] >> Alright guys. That's gonna do it for us. Thanks so much for coming out. >> Yeah. >> We will do it again. >> You didn't get a chance to show off your gold shoes. >> Okay. I do now. [Laughter] Donald Bell wanted to talk about these shoes. These are the great gold. I don't know if I've ever looked in my leg over too long. >> Yeah, I'm hoping you're not exposing more than you need to down in the camera. >> My shorts are a little baggy too. >> Okay guys, going out on the high notes. [ Laughter ] >> Alright. The next Editors' Office Hours, we will not be here tomorrow, but on Friday we will have someone special for you taking your questions, giving you the answers. And we'll see you guys next time, 11:30 p.m. West Coast time. Pacific Time, what's that, 2:30 Eastern Time? >> Sure. >> Yeah, sure. Why not? >> Okay. We'll see you guys, Editor Office Hours. Thanks for coming. ^M00:32:03 [ Music ]

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