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Tech Industry: Motorola Mover
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Tech Industry: Motorola Mover

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Tom Merritt takes a look at the Motorola Mover, a device that transcodes and delivers video off DVR to your other devices.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hey, I'm Tom Merrit at CES 2010 taking at look at the Motorola Mover. This is a really interesting device. It won an innovations award here at CES. What it does is it sits next to your DVR, your set-top box from cable company, or whatever TV provider you have, and transcodes and delivers the video off your DVR to your other devices. So let's say you've got a phone that plays video. You hook this thing up to your home network. Your DVR also has to be hooked up, but then it will be able to look at all the video that's on your DVR and say, hey, you want to watch the 12 episodes of "Lost" you got on there on your phone? No problem. Select that. There's transcoding hardware built on top of a special chip inside here that will make that video work perfectly for the device you have. And so you pick it by phone. It can do some auto-detection, but you can say, hey, I've got an iPod Touch. I've got a -- you know, a Motorola Droid, and it will be able to transcode the video that will play perfectly on that device. Now, the problem they're gonna run into here, obviously, is DRM, right? Everybody's scared about freeing up content and making available on all these devices. So they are able to securely transfer the video, preserving the DRM. If the DRM on your DVR says you can only copy once, you still only get to copy it once. They're just re-encrypting all of the DRM as it comes to the other end. Now, that could end up being a problem for some people if they say, hey, I want to watch all this video, and your TV provider doesn't want you to watch it, well, it's not gonna work. Motorola's not getting into that end of the game. They're just trying to provide an easy way to take that video off your DVR, put it on all your devices: your PC, your phone, whatever it is you want to watch. If you want to take a little bit more look at how it works, there's an Ethernet port on the back. This hooks up to your home network. Your DVR is already on your home network. That's how it communicates. And then you can use WiFi over your home network. It can work just over any Internet connection. They say they can't offer a version of this with WiFi built in. They may do that. As you can see, there's a USB port here. This will be disabled in the original version, but they may be able to open that up for direct connection to a computer or something like that. There's a lot of options that it can go. They even say they can put an SD card slot in here if you want to transcode and put things directly to SD card. It all depends on what the TV providers want when they put this out. They also they're not adverse to selling this direct to customers, so we're going to have to wait until mid-2010 to find out exactly how it's all gonna shake out. But it's a promising device that can free up a lot of the video that's sitting on your DVR and deliver it to your other devices without stepping on anybody's DRM toes. Once again, it's the Motorola Mover. At CES 2010, I'm Tom Merritt. ^M00:02:48 [ Music ]

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