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First Look: Motorola H720

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First Look: Motorola H720

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The Motorola H720 is an affordable Bluetooth headset with decent call quality.

>> I'm Nicole Lee, Associate Editor for cnet.com and this is a First Look at the Motorola H720 Bluetooth headset. As you can see here's a nice little compact headset, it's oval in shape here; it turns on by the flip of the boom mic on the back here so that when it flips closed it turns off; when it flips open it powers on. On the front here you've got a little inset oval which is also the multifunction button. On the side here you do get the volume controls on either side; on the top here is the charger jack. On the back here is a very interesting flat earpiece that lies flat against the ear. You also get a very flexible ear hook right here. Overall the headset has pretty good noise cancelling capability so the call quality was quite good. It retails for around $75. I'm Nicole Lee and this has been a First Look at the Motorola H 720. [ Music ]

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