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First Look: Motorola Barrage (Verizon Wireless)

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First Look: Motorola Barrage (Verizon Wireless)

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The Motorola Barrage offers Verizon Wireless customers a rugged push-to-talk phone with admirable call quality.

[ Background music ] >> Kent German: Hi this is Kent German, Senior Editor here at CNET.com. Today I'm gonna take a first look at the Motorola Barrage. It's a new phone for Verizon Wireless service. Also called the W766, the Barrage is certified to military specifications for dust, wind, rain, all the sorts of things you'd expect from Nextel but the phone actually is waterproof as well. So you can actually dunk it in water. We'll go ahead and do that just drop it right in. So now we'll try calling the phone and you can see that it actually does ring while it's under water. To ensure that the phone is waterproof the USB and headset ports do have secure rubber flaps. Also the battery cover is secured by this locking mechanism. The phone does have a tough rubber and plastic shell. You can see the rubber sidings here on the side and here on the back and the plastic all around so a very nice solid feel on the hand, feels very sturdy. You'd be able to drop it, shouldn't have a problem. It's not going to be something you can drop really high and you're gonna drop a few times but it is just gonna be a nice durable phone so great for people that maybe work in construction, people that work outside. External display: bright and colorful shows everything that you need. You can actually access the music player without opening the phone. You can see these dedicated music controls down below. Inside: nice display, pretty bright and colorful, easy to use menu system. [ Background music ] >> Kent German: Keypad and controls: they're easy to use while dialing and texting so was really pleased with these. Features include: a megapixel camera, Bluetooth, personal organizer, you also get the V-Cast video and the V-Cast music so multimedia and that real rugged design. I'm Kent German and this is the Motorola Barrage. [ Music ]

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