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CNET Top 5: Most popular products for July
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CNET Top 5: Most popular products for July

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Are you still obsessed with phones? Find out CNET users' favorite tech gear.

Welcome to CNET Top 5, where each time we meet, we count down another hot CNET list. I'm Tom Merritt. Time to look at the products you are looking at the most. Every month, we comb through our server logs to find out what reviews have the most traffic and count down the Top 5 Most Popular Products. So...let's go. At No. 5, The MacBook Pro. That's right. One of two most popular products this month that isn't a phone. This is the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the SD card slot and because it's a Pro it has Firewire. And it's cheaper... than Macs used to be. Coming in at No. 4, The Asus Eee PC 1008HA. A Netbook! It's slim, it's attractive, even the ports are hidden. Take that button-hating Apple! The new Eee PC is a looker, and y'all are looking. Up to No. 3, the LG enV Touch. Well, now things are beginning to look more familiar. A phone. And a Verizon phone at that. It's the best Verizon smartphone, according to CNET editor Kent German. And the last Verizon phone on the list. Sliding in at No. 2, the Palm Pre. It's a Sprint phone and, if it weren't for Apple, would be the hyped-up darling of the cell phone universe right now, with its WebOS and wireless charger. But it's not No. 1. And before we get to No. 1, which you can probably guess, it's time for a lame prize. This size-small Jonathan Coulton Mandelbrot commemorative T-shirt goes to one of the first 10 people to answer this question at the entry for this top 5 at What would have been number 6 today if this show was called Top 6? Hint, it was on last month's most popular list. All right. Let's get to our No. 1. The most popular product at CNET this month. No surprise. At No. 1, it's... the Apple iPhone 3GS. It's not even that new. I mean, it's faster. It has a compass. It takes better pictures. And you, as with most things iPhone, are enamored with it. But if history repeats itself, you'll get over it quickly. And then, hope against all hopes, maybe a TV or Netbook will be number one. I'm a dreamer. Well, that's it for this edition of CNET Top 5. Don't forget, you make the most popular happen by visiting reviews at And of course, go answer our trivia question at for a chance to win the Mandelbrot Coulton T-Shirt. I'm Tom Merritt. See you next time.